Responsible Power Usage Hulk

Originally posted at on July 28, '08

One of the weirdest Hulks ever. I hear it's still cannon though, since Petey Parker was zapped in some issue or other and went green.

If you can find this guy, get him. It's one of those toys geared toward the younger crowd so it has an action feature, but unlike most, his isn't too annoying. Basically, if you push the lever in the back, his arms fly up. The arms still move independently so no biggie.

Good thing is; INDIVIDUAL FINGER ARTICULATION! That's right. The good thing about big figures is that you can fit joints onto fingers and put them in all sorts of offensive gestures. Very nice.

Detail is pretty good too. Some paint slop on mine, but all in all, green is green and red is red. Not too much to complain about.

That chin, though. Whatta profile.

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