Family Dollar Marvel Universe Hulk

I'm a sucker for Hulk figures.

He's always been my favorite Marvel character and even if a figure is less than stellar in the articulation, accessories, or appearance categories, I might pick it up if it's one of the Hulk. It happened when I saw the Titan Heroes Hulk from the Avengers Assemble line in the toy store. It was cartoon-y and only had five points of articulation and didn't look like it had been sculpted too well, but dammit, it was a Hulk figure!

This time it happened with the Family Dollar exclusive Marvel Universe Hulk 3.75" figure.

Age of Extinction Hound

It's not a secret that I hate the Michael Bay Transformers movies. I couldn't even complete my Transformers: Age of Extinction review due to the fact that remembering the experience of watching it just pisses me off and these days, blood pressure is a real issue. So let me steer clear of that issue and move on to something I am grateful for that came out of the craptastic film.

This particular Transfomer toy. It's the Age of Extinction Voyager Class Hound!

Beast Hunters Predaking!

That was a pretty easy hunt.

I didn't really take to Beast Hunters as much as I did to the first two seasons of Transformers: Prime. It was too long before I'd got a copy and by that time some of the high had disappeared. This new story about the return of the Predacons just didn't feel as huge as the whole dark energon and Unicron thing.

But after seeing optibotimus' review of the Ultimate Class (which means "big" in the Transformese) Beast Fire Predaking, I just knew I had to have him. All that beautiful black and the humongous wings and the slap-you-silly day glow orange... Delicious!

Thankfully, the Beast Hunters line recently went on sale here in the Philippines, dropping about 30% in price or so. And even with the price cut, they're not really all that sought after seeing as the cartoon never really made it to network TV in this country. That meant I didn't really have to really dig in with this one and run him down.

The Lele Movie Series 2 KO The Lego Movie minifigs

Toy collecting is an expensive hobby and there are times when you can't keep up. I've had to kick the plastic addiction for the past year or so and am only coming back to it now. One of the things that has been keeping me going however is some fantastic bootleg minifigures that have been turning up all over. There are several different "brands" from China, but the best ones are usually from DeCool and SY (or Sheng Yuan, I believe). Generally, these two are the most faithful to the original LEGO designs and have appropriate accessories included. There are several other companies, like JBL and IQ, that also sell characters from various franchises, but I've been burned more than a few times with those.

Lele is one of those companies that I used to avoid, but they've come out with some pretty good knock offs lately. One of the sets that impressed me was their Lego Movie set from earlier this year. It included 8 characters from the movie, but none of the main ones.

With series 2, we finally get one of the big ones, Emmet.

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