Kreon Micro-Changers

So, the Kre-O Transformers Kreon Micro-Changers (that's a mouthful) have been out for a while now, but I've only gotten around to completing them this week. I had a bit of trouble getting my hands on a Galvatron, since the first few boxes I went through were sold out of him. Finally got him the other day at Toy Kingdom Express at SM Megamall.

I'm not sure if he's short-packed or what. No way to really tell with these $@#%ing blind packs.

The Shellraiser

The original cartoon Turtles, when they needed to get anywhere their skateboards couldn’t take them, drove themselves around in a beat up van that kind of looked like my old family Volkswagen Westfalia Camper. It’s funny since that old van was a bright, mango yellow that was weirdly similar to the yellow that the old Turtle Van was covered in. It even had a shell top, though it was white and not green. The Turtles never did take the stealth part of their ninja training to heart, did they?

For the new cartoon, it looks like Nickelodeon and the creators went for a more “realistic” look. Instead of the old VW (see a photo of the classic Party Van HERE), they've based the design of the new Shellraiser (is that an awesome name, or what?!) from a subway car. The Turtles have modified the unit, attaching various implements to it, slapping wheels on the ends so that it could go straight from rails to road.

GDO Generations Swerve

It kind of sucks that there were a few Transformers that never got screen time on the original show. In 1986, Hasbro made a few re-colors of their Mini-Vehicle sub-group of their Transformers available. Pipes, Outback, and Tailgate all came out in the third batch of the little robot figures, but the characters never got the same face time as their "original" counterparts, Huffer, Brawn, and Windcharger, got on the show.

The same thing happened to Swerve, the 4x4 truck patterned after Gears, who was one of the toys released in the first round of Mini-Vehicles. Poor bastard.

Generations Deluxe Wheelie

As far as I can find out, the new term being used to describe the line this figure belongs to on the toy forums is “GDO”, which seems to be short for “Generations Distributed Overseas”.

That seems appropriate, since Wheelie here is part of a set of 4 Deluxe Class figures in the Transformers: Generations sub-line that is only being distributed in Asia. The other three are Springer (a recolored Hunt forthe Decepticons Tomahawk), Swerve (a recolored Reveal the Shield Sergeant Kup), and Cliffjumper (re-released Transformers: Prime First Edition Cliffjumper). All 4 come with brand new heads, which makes the re-use of the bodies far more tolerable than it might have been.

What also improves my reception of the figures is the fact that they’ve chosen four very good bodies to re-use.

Sea Ops Duke

One of my favorite toy lines of all time was G.I. Joe Sigma 6. Based on the cartoon of the same name, it ran from 2005 to 2007 and featured Joes in not just one new scale, but two: the 2.5" Mission figures, and the 8" Commandos.

Being a "joint junkie," I gravitated towards the bigger of the two, as they had more joints and more accessories. That combination beat out the presence of vehicles in the Mission playsets. The Commandos were big and chunky at 1:9 scale and featured weapons and equipment that you could mix and match between figures, giving you a ridiculous amount of play value.

The line managed to last about two years and around 80 figures, give or take, before finally throwing in the towel. If you'd like to look at the list of figures they released, there's a great site called that has detailed reviews of most of them (I think they're missing one or two exclusive re-colors like the Red Ninja), or check that old mainstay of Joe fans, (though their list seems less complete). also has an image gallery, though again, it's not as complete as the one at

Of those 80 figures, I've got about 50, including this one called Sea Ops Duke.

6th Annual Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale!


Yup, it's 4th quarter and Toy Kingdom is sweeping up it's warehouse, cleaning out all the old junk that's been lying around in corners, gathering dust. According to the SM Megatrade Hall's website, the annual Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale is scheduled to take place on November 2-4 of this year in Halls 1 & 2!

Whoo hoo!

Negative Man

It's a slow year for me, which means that buying toys has taken a back seat to things like eating and paying for electricity. Since I've blown my wad for the next few months on the Modern Nickelodeon and Classic Collection Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures, we're gonna go over some of the older figures that I never got around to reviewing.

In light of that announcement, here we have DC Universe Classics (DCUC) Negative Man.

Toys 'R' Us Exclusive 3.75" UFC Action Figures

A few months back, I stumbled onto another great find one of my favorite neighborhood toy shops, Lanz Collectibles in St. Francis Square Mall. It's one of those stores where you always seem to find something you want, even if you're not really looking for anything in particular. I've gotten Madelman figures from there, Star Wars figures like the Vintage Series MagnaGuard, and a whole lot of DC Universe Classics toys. Many of the toys are second hand or overruns from various sources, but if you know what you're looking for, and don't mind the occasional quality control issue, you can find some gems there.

These loose Toys 'R' Us Exclusive 3.75" UFC action figures were a case in point.

Cyberverse Ironhide

When I picked up Cyberverse Dreadwing several months back, I also picked up Cyberverse Ironhide, another figure in the same wave of this sub set of the Transformers: Prime toy line.

I’ll admit that I picked both of these guys up mainly for the fact that they were relatively rare, packed something like one per case. While the shelves were filled with Starscreams, Optimus Primes, and Megatrons (even Bulkhead was pretty easy to spot), there was usually only a single pair of these two toys for every branch of Toys ‘R’ Us and Toy Kingdom. I’d passed on them the first few times I’d seen them, but I eventually caved in to the that nagging voice in my head that told me that if I didn’t get them now, I’d be missing out.

Sometimes that voice is right, sometimes it’s wrong.

Cyberverse Dreadwing

I think I picked this up almost three months ago now. I’ve been focused so much on my new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures  that I never got around to actually setting down my thoughts on this figure. It was one of the toys that came out during one of the distribution events, but it was overshadowed by the release of the Fall of Cybertron figures: Shockwave, Jazz, and Optimus Prime.

Due to the popularity of those figures, the Cyberverse Commander figures made it to the shelves of many other toy stores around Metro Manila. If I’m not mistaken, I picked these up at Toys ‘R’ Us in Eastwood. Still pretty lucky since both Ironhide and Dreadwing were shortpacked in the cases distributed here. Most branches only got one of each. I’d actually passed on them a couple of times since they are expensive (nearly the price of a Deluxe Class figure) and small.

Meet the Robinsons

I absolutely adore this movie, which is funny since I don’t remember it ever really being on my radar when it was out in theaters back in 2007. I only really came across it after I saw it later on and was really blown away. It’s a great little story that is right up there with the Pixar movies as one of my favorites.

Classic Collection Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Oh, man, are these toys awesome or what?

In fact, you can just stop reading right now and go out and find these things online (they’re not available at retail locally). Seriously. Close this window, jump on over to one of those online shops and add this set to your cart immediately.

Dredd 3D

It looks like another movie that I really, really enjoyed has hit a wall with the current generation. Last weekend, the new movie based on the Judge Dredd comic book, Dredd 3D, gave an awful showing at the box office with only $6.3 million after it was done. $6.3 million. Sounds like a lot, until you realize this thing cost about $50 million to make. That's a bullet through the brain pan for the franchise and it never even got to start.

I haven't felt this bummed about since John Carter tanked.

Resident Evil: Retribution

This was going to be a review about the movie Dredd. I've watched it twice so far and plan to do so again. It is fantastic and I suggest you watch it as well (if you're a dude and like lots of guns and violence in your cinema, anyway).

But then I watched this movie, Resident Evil: Retribution. It was just so bad that I felt I had to rant about it for a while.

Transformers Distribution 9/30/2012!


Here's another announcement from Cybertron Philippines!

This Sunday, September 30, inside of Toy Kingdom in the basement of SM Megamall (near the food court), Hasbro Philippines, in cooperation with Playkit and the guys from Cybertron Philippines, will be distributing more new Transformers toys. Here's the list of haulage that is already on the card for the distribution table:

Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

NOTE: Thanks to Nikki W.G.B. of Cybertron Philippines for these figures.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… Heroes in a half-shell… TURTLE POWER!
I miss how cartoons in the 80’s had those catchy theme songs. I miss a lot about those shows. I’m sure millennial babies say the same thing about Dexter’s Lab and Power Puff Girls, but you had to admit that the stuff from the 80's was a totally different animal (just like I’ve got to admit that Looney Tunes blew them all away).

There were always clear cut morals in shows (sometimes hammered home with a PSA like in G.I. Joe) and no one ever seemed to get really hurt (well, except for Optimus Prime that one time, but he came back). It would have been unthinkable to have a show like Transformers: Prime on the air, with bots being torn in half or hacked to pieces. I’m sure Standards and Practices would have vetoed that shit before it got anywhere near Saturday mornings.

Madelman Secret Agent

After I bought those Madelman 2-Packs at Toys 'R' Us, I went online to look up manufacturer and the toy line that those four figures came from. There’s not a lot about the series out there (how did we ever survive without the Internet?) but there was enough to make me sad that I didn’t know about these toys earlier. Though the figures are too generic to really get me excited, but the various 1:10 scale accessories that they come with really make them worthwhile.

Sadly, these aren’t a lot of places that you can buy these things online. Most of the places I found had placeholders, but had notices that the items were out of stock. There was a whole mess of figures that were released by Popular de Juguetes before they went belly up. The Madelman Secret Agent was one of the figures from that search that really killed me since it looked like it had some choice gear that I could use for my gun savvy superheroes.

New Transformers, Star Wars, Marvel and FURBIES!

Hey, guys.

Here's another announcement from those swell guys at Hasbro by way of Cybertron Philippines:

The new Furby (4,999.75) will be launched simultaneously in Toy Kingdom in SM Megamall and Toys ‘R’ Us in Rockwell on September 16, 2012 (That is THIS Sunday).

Simultaneously, these following new toys from Hasbro will also be released at Toy Kingdom in SM Megamall:

Marvel Legends Fantomex

There are some superheroes that, in hindsight, seem a little dumb. I remember when Marrow and Maggot were first introduced (both created by Scott Lobdell and Joe Madureira, one of my favorite creative teams on the X-books): I thought they were both awesome. A Morlock girl with an attitude and bones growing out of her skin and a South African who had sentient mutant slugs in place of his digestive system. They weren’t pretty mutants like the original X-Men. These were extreme X-Men (it was the ‘90s) that pushed the limits.

Of course, now, everyone thinks these two characters were completely ridiculous. While I don’t agree (ridiculous are the mutants that came out around the time Morrison took over – Look up Beak), it’s hard to argue a point that’s so subjective.

It kind of makes me wonder how Fantomex will fare after a decade or two.

Marvel Legends Mystique (2012)

Mystique is one of those pseudo-bad guys. She’s been a criminal, and an enemy of the X-Men and other superheroes on more than a few occasions, but she’s been on the side of angels a few times, too. Marvel did something really interesting with her when they made her the foster mother of Rogue, then they did something stupid when they made her the mother of Nightcrawler. The former relationship made for a great story, while the latter smacked of the silliness I usually associate with Hollywood management: “Well… they’re both blue, right? So that means they must be related, right? But wait, he’s German, and he’s got y’know, elf ears and a tail… I know! His father was German! And a demon! BOOM!”

It’s a good thing they pretty much dumped the idea after a while.

Marvel Legends Punisher (2012)

I’ve never collected The Punisher comics. Oh, I’ve had one or two issues in my hoard, but the only one I really remember was a 1992 issue of The Punisher Armory. It had a cover painted by Joe Jusko, which is why I picked it up from the news stand. Inside, there wasn’t really any story, just something like the diary of Frank Castle, with his thoughts on weapons, tactics and various other things that had to do with his war on crime. It was a great read for a teenager who loved geeking out on the details.

In my head, Punisher is a lot like the way he was portrayed in the film Punisher: War Zone. He’s like Hulk: fantasy fulfillment. Who hasn’t wanted to lash out when they got angry? Who hasn’t said “I’ll kill him” when someone’s done something wrong? Don’t we all want to see our crooked politicians go the way of Jigsaw? That’s why people like the guy. He does the kind of stuff you’ve always wanted to do.

It also didn’t hurt that he has a shitload of guns.

Neo-Classic Iron Man

At the end of Armor Wars (Iron Man #231, 1988), Tony Stark had to build a suit of armor to replace his go-to get-up, the MK VII (Silver Centurion), after it was trashed by the aptly named "Firepower" suit built by the US Government to deter its enemies: the MK VIII, or the “Neo-Classic” Armor was that replacement. The suit was harder, faster, better, stronger than those before it, and it made coffee… oh, no, wait. It was called the “coffee pot armor”. This is what I get for getting stuff off the Internet.

I blame Tito Sotto.

Return of Marvel Legends Deadpool

In all honesty, I probably don't really need to do a review of the new Return of Marvel Legends Wave 3 Deadpool. I mean, Hasbro's already given us this very same figure, with the same accessories, in red and blue, when they put out the Deadpool/Warpath Marvel Legends 2-pack about a year ago. This one's just in Wade's relatively new X-Force duds.

If you've been out of comics for a while, Volume 3 of X-Force is no longer Mr. Liefeld's version of The New Mutants. The team was turned into the X-Men's covert assassination squad: if there was something that needed doing that couldn't lead back to the nice and fuzzy X-teams, Cyclops would sic Wolverine and his sociopathic minions on it. While I'm not sure how I feel about the X-Men's move to a darker tone, I have to say I enjoyed the first trade paperback, Angels and Demons (2008) and am eager to read the rest.

Toys 'R' Us' True Heroes toy line

I've reviewed toys from Chap Mei before and my initial impression of them still stands.

They are an excellent substitute to G.I. Joe figures when budget is a concern, with relatively good sculpting, play value, and quality. While the vehicles make great additions to your Joe or Cobra army forces, the accessories that the figures come with scale nicely with 1:9 scale figures (6-7 inches). The figures are a little less impressive on their own (they're not really in scale with anything they come with, and nothing really fits right), but any kid will tell you they don't care about that crap.

Though I had the chance to pick up some of the bigger toys a few years back, I just couldn't bring myself to buy any of the Raptors or the big tanks, since I don't really have the space for any of it. Seeing as I've dropped the G.I. Joe line from my current pull list (I didn't really like the last few sets after Pursuit of Cobra, but it has more to do with finances than anything else), it's probably a good thing that I didn't cave back then.

However, Toys 'R' Us' proprietary True Heroes toy line is making that resolution really hard for me.

Universal Studios Deluxe Evac

I don’t get many exclusives. Exclusives usually cost money and a lot of time to collect, two things that I just don’t have a lot of. Would I like to have picked up the Million Publishing exclusive Transformers United Stepper? Sure. What about the Revoltech Danboard Sakura version? Yes. And the various Figma Black Rock Shooter exclusives? Hell, yeah. But we’re talking toys that cost more than Php 3,000.00 each. In the case of the Black Rock Shooter figures, we’re talking nearly 20k a figure.

No way am I dropping that much cash for a toy that barely scrapes the 6 inch mark.

Marvel Legends 2012 Wave 3 released TOMORROW!

Hey guys, quickie announcement from

Re: Toy Expo Philippines 2012 @ SMX
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Heres the news you have been waiting for.
(Return of Marvel Legends) wave 3 will be distributed tomorrow at the Toy Expo (SMX).
SET OF 6 - Php5400

Princess Merida

I am the worst god father.

It’s not that I’m antisocial (though I am rather antisocial) or that I’m not particularly good with kids (though I’m not particularly good with kids), it’s that every time I need to buy a god kid a gift, I eventually end up standing there with the perfect toy in hand, wanting to either keep it for myself, or put it back so I can afford something else that I’ve got my eye on.

So when I had to find something for my god daughter’s second birthday, I went to Greenhills and started looking around. I found the perfect thing at one of the Blue Lane shops in Shoppesville, but I couldn’t afford to drop Php 3,000.00 on a baby Merida doll (especially when there were Return of Marvel Legends series 3 figures down the hall for Php 1,500.00), no matter how adorable it looked. Eventually, I settled on the more traditionally styled Princess Merida doll from Mattel.

Samus Aran

I haven't bought a Figma figure since back in 2009 when I bought figure No. 10, Kanu Unchou. I was impressed as hell with that figure, but the prohibitive price of Japanese import toys stopped me from going full completist with the line. I couldn't even go has-handful-of-cherry-picked-figures with it, they're that expensive.

This one here, No. 133, Samus Aran from the video game Metroid: Other M.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

Another Happy Meal toy set, another Burger McDo hangover...

At least it's not as bad as the last time, when I had to scarf eight McDo’s so that I could complete the Philippine set of the last Sponge Bob Squarepants figurines. This time I only had to get 4 Happy Meals to complete the four toys in the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien set that was released at the beginning of the month. The other four slots were taken up by Hello Kitty, so they can be readily ignored.


I loved La Luna.

That’s a weird thing to preface a review about Pixar’s latest feature, Brave, but the short that preceded the film was far better than the film itself. Not that Brave is that bad: it’s just that Pixar has already set the bar so high that at some point, they’re bound to produce something that doesn’t reach it. For me, Brave is the first of their stories that doesn't quite make it.

Brave is the story of Merida, a teenage Scottish princess, who is at odds with her mother the queen. Instead of sewing, cooking, and doing courtly things as her mother instructs her to, Merida wants to ride her Clydesdale, shoot arrows, and fight bears. Eventually, she finds out that as princess, she’s expected to do her duty, to accept her “fate” to be married off to the eldest son of one of the other Scottish clans.

Of course, she’d rather not.

Madelman 2-Packs

Ever heard of Madelman?

Yeah, neither had I. I had to look it up. But to my surprise, there's barely anything on this toy line available on the World Wide Web. How is that possible in this day and age? I mean I found it in a toy store, the Net should have some info on it, right?

Turns out that the line was hugely popular in Europe, but was cancelled in 1983. From what I can gather, there was a brief resurgence of popularity when the company, Popular de Juguetes, re-launched the line with a slew of new designs, but they have since gone out of business.

Jollibee's The Green Force Collection

For the most part, McDonald's has a better track record than it's local competitor, Jollibee, when it comes to the toys they create for their respective kid's meals. The McDonald's Happy Meal used to boast the best toys largely because it had the best licences, including the Disney line and Marvel Superheroes. However, since their falling out with Disney (which also includes the Marvel line-up now), they've had to resort to the lesser animation studios' characters.

Jollibee's been able to take up some of the slack, but they just can't really field the same quality of toys that McDonald's can. Most of the time they seem satisfied with tiny role-play toys that sport silly action features: great for kids, but they kind of suck for the collector market. They don't hold a candle to McDo's old 101 Dalmatians line or the Changeables from the 1980's.

Snow White & the Huntsman

Snow White is probably the worst fairy tale for little girls to read. She isn't much of a role model. She gets by on her looks and sex appeal. She was the favorite of her father and made her mother (or stepmother depending on the version) jealous to the point that she wanted her dead. Then she suckered the wood cutter hired to kill her into letting her go. He probably died when he was found out. Then she charmed a bunch of dorks into letting her crash at their pad (can you say, “friend-zoned?”). Then she fakes her death (come on! That whole “poisoned apple” is about as plausible as Superman’s “disguise”) marries into money and lives happily ever after. And despite her uncanny manipulative skill, she’s still as dumb as a stump, falling for her mother’s attempts to kill her 3 times (according to the original folk tale anyway).

Didn't she ever hear the phrase, “never talk to strangers?”

Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime

Transformers: Generations is a toy line that started in 2010. It took up the Transformers: Universe (which was also the successor of another toy line, Transformers Classics) in Hasbro's line up, which was to cater to the fans of the entire Transformers franchise by featuring characters based on the different Transformers continuities and properties. This included the Generation 1 cartoon, the IDW Publishing comic series, and the video game, Transformers: War for Cybertron.

Seeing as the War for Cybertron video game was successful, and considering that without the movie series in theaters, it's Hasbro's big cash cow (aside from toys of course), it's little wonder that we're already seeing toys from its sequel, Fall of Cybertron.

The Dark Knight Rises

There was a time when I would have said that Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy was the perfect example about how to do a comic book movie. He took the material and removed the idea that comic book films needed to be campy: that there was no way that you could approach it from a serious angle. That's how we got all those crappy adaptations we did back in the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Remember Adam West's Batman? Remember Schumacher and the Bat-nipples?

Batman Begins not only re-booted a dying franchise that was killed by that idea, it also showed people that the material could be taken seriously and you could appeal to a larger audience that wasn't indoctrinated into the inner circle of geekdom and steeped in decades of Batman canon. It showed us that a movie based on a superhero didn't need to be outlandish fantasy: that these legends could, in fact, be real.

Generations Shockwave

I got all three of the first wave of the 2012 Transformers: Generations figures a few weeks ago. Though I missed out on the distribution, I was able to get a set from one of the awesome guys at Cybertron Philippines. It's a good thing, too since apparently, Shockwave is already pretty popular.

It's easy to see why it would be so. The Shockwave figure from the movie, while cool-looking, didn't really feel like the guy us old fogeys remember from the Generation 1 era. Back then, he was Megatron's second in command: the guy he left back on Cybertron to make sure that no one went and clogged the toilets or broke any of the fine china. Next to Soundwave, he was probably the best of the Decepticons because like Megs, he transformed into a gun, but he also lit up and made pew pew pew noises.

Fall of Cybertron Jazz

I've been eyeing the new Fall of Cybertron-based Deluxe Class Transformers since we first got wind of them a couple of months ago. Wave 1 looked extremely promising in the solicitation photos provided by Hasbro, but early word that they'd shrunk significantly since the last Transformers: Generations batch put a damper on things, especially since they're still at the same price point of the previous Deluxe Class figures (Php 700.00).

Still, I couldn't help but sign up and get a batch. Having been absent on the distribution day, one of the guys at Cybertron Philippines was kind enough to help those that missed out with some of the leftovers. Though they reportedly made it to shelves, I wasn't able to see them in the wild. It looks like the Transformers: Prime line is still he one to beat at the toy store.

Family Dollar Terminator: Salvation 2-Packs

Back in 2009, we were subjected to the craptastic Terminator: Salvation. Like Terminator: Rise of the Machines, it was a sequel that just didn’t seem to understand what had made the first two installments so great. Lesser directors, lesser actors, and increasingly convoluted continuities made for a muddled mess that was no longer entertaining. That simple, unyielding dread of being all alone, on the run from an unstoppable, single-minded killing machine just wasn’t there.

The fact that the film underperformed at the box office probably contributed to the lack of demand for the movie toy line, but I think the real problem was that the main consumer base had little interest in it and that it was far too simple to attract the collectors. The figures had basic articulation, uninspired accessories, and sculpting that looked very rough. With NECA producing far superior, collector-centric toys like the Pescadero Escape Terminator, a toy based on a far more successful installment of the franchise, the Playmates versions weren’t long for this world.

In the 3rd quarter of 2009 – just a few months after the toys came out – Playmates announced that the line was dead.

The Amazing Bag-Man

Back in 1984, Spider-man realized that one does not pick up aliens on backwater planets in distant star systems. During Secret Wars, while trapped on Battleworld, a planet created by the Beyonder so he could play with 616’s superhero population, Peter Parker finds a black costume and decides it’s a good idea to wear it. Back on Earth, he visits the Fantastic Four and Reed Richards discovers that (gasp!) it’s alive!

They take it off our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler, who unfortunately didn’t bring a change of clothes. What’s a superhero to do? Borrow a pair of shorts, an appropriately geeky T-shirt and some flip-flops and go down the elevator like a normal guy?

Of course not.

He borrows one of the FFs spare long johns and puts a bag over his head.

Professor X

When I first got started reading the X-Men, Professor X wasn’t around. If I remember correctly, this was the tail end of Chris Claremont’s run on the title, when artists like Silvestri and Lee were handling penciling duties. The professor was off in the Shi’ar imperium, gallivanting around with Lilandra, the queen of the aliens. Since he wasn’t a big part of the stories I read in my formative years, I never was a big fan of the character.

It wasn’t until the big 90’s revamp of X-Men that I really started understanding how big a deal he was to the team. It helped that he featured in that big X-Men #1 gatefold (raise your hand if you still have all those variant covers and the special edition!) and played a role in a lot of the stories that came after, including the whole Onslaught thing that I could never really wrap my head around.


Holy Moley! It's Beta Ray Bill!

I was never really a huge fan of Marvel's god of thunder, Thor, but by some odd twist, I remember being a huge fan of his alien counterpart, Beta Ray Bill.

If you're not familiar with the character, it's not surprising. He never really had a huge part in the Marvel universe. He was just a brand new character appearing in Thor #377 in 1983, meant as a new adversary for Thor, who turns out to be a hero, worthy to weild the god's own hammer, Mjolnir. Basically, he kicked Thor's ass.

Avengers Black Widow and Hawkeye

I don’t know about you, but when I watched The Avengers, my second favorite character after Hulk (of course) was Black Widow. After her, it was Hawkeye. Sure Toy Stark’s vicious string of barbed comments are fun, but the big three heroes felt a little less filled out as characters than the “normal” members of the team.

This is probably because Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor have all had recent hit movies under their belts so not as much exposition about them was required. Still, it felt like a Hulk/Black Widow/Hawkeye/Coulson movie to me.

Not that I’m complaining. One cannot have too much of the Son of Coul.



Distribution of Fall of Cybertron and TF Prime Cyberverse Legion Vehicon was moved to tomorrow, June 30, 2012 inside Toy Kingdom, SM Megamall. The July 7 distribution is now cancelled.

6” Mumm-Ra (Modern)

The last 6” figure in Bandai’s wave one was Mumm-Ra.

Mumm-Ra was the big bad in the cartoon Thundercats: a demon sorcerer in service to the Ancient Spirits of Evils. Usually, he was this old decrepit dude in a ratty, red robe with a bad case of emphysema, but every now and then, he would croak out a mantra asking his gods to help him out:

"Ancient Spirits of Evil...transform this decayed Mumm-Ra... the Every-Living!"

After his chant, he’d show up as this super, shirtless guy in a loincloth who could fly around in rags and zap people, change his appearance and doing all sorts of gnarly stuff. He was a hell of a lot scarier than Skeletor with that desiccated face and that death’s rattle of voice (no one could ever have taken Skeletor’s nasal whine seriously).

Funny thing was, despite being a devil priest, the vessel for all the powers of the “Ancient Spirits of Evil”, Mumm-Ra was still pretty much a pushover. I mean he spent most of his time sleeping in a coffin, schlepping around his pyramid with his toy bulldog, Ma-mutt (yes that was its name) at his heels, dreaming up all these sinister plans that never actually worked. Half the time, he was up against kids (Both Lion-O and the Wiley Twins were teenagers) or the Thundercats’ pet (Snarf), or the Thundercats’ pet’s nephew (Snarfer).

I bet even the Ro-Bear Berbils could have kicked his butt and they weren’t even as intimidating as Ewoks.

New Transformers Distribution Next Weekend!

Distribution of Fall of Cybertron and TF Prime Cyberverse Legion Vehicon was moved to tomorrow, June 30, 2012 inside Toy Kingdom, SM Megamall. The July 7 distribution is now cancelled.

So Transformers fans are just coming down off the high of the First Edition Vehicon distribution in Robinsons Ermita a few weeks ago and already Cybertron Philippines is setting up another event for us geeks!

On July 7, 2012, inside the main branch of Toy Kingdom in Megamall, Hasbro Philippines, Playkit, and Cybertron Philippines will be launching the new figures based on the video game sequel, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, as well as the new Cyberverse versions of the popular toyline based on the new cartoon series, Transformers: Prime.

From Fall of Cybertron, we’ll be seeing Wave 1 of the new Transformers: Generations Deluxe Class figures. So far, the Deluxe Class of Transformers toys have been the best bang for your buck at Php 699.75 (about $15.50 US). Not only is that the cheapest price in the region, the Deluxe Class is usually the best accessorized and the best engineered of the classes and normally the most fun to actually play with.

New Marvel Universe Figures this Saturday!

Guess what, true believers... Marvel Universe is back!

Toys 'R' Us, in cooperation with Cybertron Philippines will be having a distribution event at the activity center of Robinsons Galleria on Saturday, June 23rd, 2012.

6” Panthro (Modern)

Coming off the high that I got from the excellent 6” Lion-O figure from Bandai’s Thundercats line, the second Thundercat in the first wave of 6” figures had a lot to live up to. Not only was the Lion-O figure well sculpted, but it was also well articulated, well accessories, and over all just about the funnest action figure I've seen this year (barring Transformers since they cheat by being two toys in one).

Lion-O (Modern)

During the 1980’s, toy manufacturers decided to begin conditioning the minds of a generation. Instead of satisfying themselves with 20 seconds of airtime during commercials, they decided to take over Saturday Morning and field their own cartoons. Hasbro dominated with boy-centric shows like Transformers and G.I. Joe, but also included some girl-geared shows like My Little Pony and Jem & the Holograms (Truly Outrageous!) in their Saturday Morning syllabus.


Kids these days probably think movies like Ridley Scott’s Alien was boring as hell. It was long, quiet, and you were required to pay attention or you’d miss out on the good bits. There were lengthy shots that established atmosphere and frames that made you feel like you were there onboard the Nostromo, hauling cargo to the far reaches of the galaxy with Ripley and her crewmates.

Scott’s new Alien prequel, Prometheus, is a lot like that. It reminds me of Cameron’s Avatar in a way. Emphasis is put on ambiance in this film: time spent walking around the mostly virtual environments with the characters. You wait for scares as the tension builds up, finally realizing that you’ve been holding your breath for a several minutes. When something does happen, you’re thoroughly immersed in the movie’s environment, enough that it still comes as a complete surprise. The spectacle here is mood rather than action set pieces.

There’s a slow boil as the movie starts with otherworldly landscapes (which were in Iceland) and moves into the rising action, where you learn of Doctors Elizabeth Shaw’s (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway’s (Logan Marshall-Green) study of ancient cave paintings that have led to the discovery of a kind of map left in humanity’s genetic memory. By the time the film has transitioned to the outbound trip of the science vessel, Prometheus, you’re hooked.

The biggest weakness in the film it’s the plot. Because this is part of the Alien universe (if not necessarily part of the franchise itself), certain things had to happen in order for it to tie into the mythology that has already been established. The writers and filmmakers did a pretty good job keeping Prometheus as a stand-alone story, but it’s individuality seems to have been sacrificed a bit. What you expect is what you get and because of that restriction, the movie doesn’t seem to be able to carry the philosophical underpinnings that are so obviously being presented.

However, the draw of the movie isn’t really the plot, it’s the visual design. Building on H.R. Giger’s work for the first film, the production team created tons of practical costumes, creatures, sets and props that fill the screen with tangible awesomeness. As the human team explores the alien compound, you really feel as if it’s a real cavern, as if it’s a real ship, as if there are real bodies moving through space. The CGI work seems to have been restricted to fantastic virtual matte paintings and some so-so work on the new alien race.

They were able to assemble a pretty good cast of actors. The always likeable Idris Elba plays the cool Captain Janek. A prosthetic-covered Guy Pearce plays Peter Weyland, the dying owner of the Weyland Corporateion (what eventually grows up to be “The Company”). And Charlize Theron plays Meredith Vickers, the ruthless company representative who enforces the Weyland agenda onboard the ship.

On the flip side, Noomi Rapace (Dr. Shaw) is an actress I still can’t buy as a lead. Maybe it’s the athletic body or the odd (to me anyway) Swedish accent or her unique manner. I didn’t like her in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows either. Maybe I’m just too married to the idea of Sigourney Weaver as the lead in an Alien film. After all, we have four of them. I can’t picture Rapace shouldering a flamethrower and saying, “Get away from her, you BITCH!”

The real standout is Michael Fassbender as David (this outings’ version of the “Bishop” android) who steals every single scene he is in. He first appears on the outbound voyage, taking care of the ship as the passengers sleep in cryo-tanks. He watches movies, learns dead languages, and shoots some hoops while riding a bicycle. His character comes off as far more unbalanced than Lance Henriksen’s helpful Bishop or Ian Holm’s sinister Ash. At one point he talks about the disappointment he feels (or doesn’t feel) after “meeting his maker” and you just want to cry (or run away in terror). His performance here alone is worth the price of admission.

While Prometheus has not replaced Sunshine as my all-time favorite science fiction movie, it’s come in at a close second. The technology available to Scott and the other filmmakers today have allowed them to create a world like the ones I imagine when I read books from Niven, Clarke, or Heinlein. While they may not have been successful in conveying the (one assumes) deep messages that they wanted to communicate about the “big questions”, the movie they’ve made is highly entertaining and satisfying as all get out.

I can’t wait for the sequel!

G.I. Joe Renegades: Firefly

Wow. It’s been a while since I bought a G.I. Joe.

I think the last set I bought was the Motorcycle Armor set, but I really haven’t been active since the Sigma 6 days. After the Pursuit of Cobra line died, I was pretty turned off by the switch back to the bright colors of the original Joe line. It was great for the purists, but I loved the re-imagining of the groups threads and gear.

Apparently, I missed out on a lot since then.

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