Da King Hulk

Originally posted July 25, '08 on slangards.multiply.com

First one I picked up in the Hulk line. Now have two. sigh. But that's how it goes when you're fighting hoarders.

Can't say I regret getting him though. He just looks great with the Planet Hulk. If only they had a Savage Surfer (or didn't shortpack the Silver Surfer so I could custom one). Why did they not think about this sooner? Gladiators and Hulk? Perfect!

The gear is a little weird though. His axe looks tiny. I'd rather use Thor's. He's also a little tougher to stand. Since Hasbro did away with the side to side articulation in the feet, you can't place his feet flat. Need to balance him on the sides, which gets annoying.

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