Metal Band Hulk

Originally posted at on July 28, '08

I've never seen this Hulk character in the comics so I can't tell you if they did an accurate representation. I can tell you it's a pretty good figure. His tattoos are nice, the face is mean, and his knife is awesome.

Three things though. His upper torso is a little mis-proportioned. Unlike his Hulk ancestors, Son of Hulk's chest and shoulders seem small compared to his lower extremities. I also don't like his light color. It seems way to light to hide in shadows. Last, the sheath for his knife won't stay on his belt. It just keeps falling off. Don't know why they didn't just stick it permanantly, or just put a hook there for a loop or something...

Oh, well. Still a nice figure, and if not worth getting on it's own, the Foom part gives it that many more points.

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