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I had resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn't have a chance to get the second wave of the new TFA toys when I missed the Hero launch the other week at Robinson's Manila.

Then while at SM Taytay to watch The Dark Knight, I found a TFU Prowl and Sunstreaker in Hypermart. They didn't have any TFA toys and since it had been days since the launch, was sure they weren't getting them. A visit to the department store at the other side of the mall told me that TK Express didn't have anything either, not even TFU. Dissapointed, I promised myself I'd come back the next day with moolah and at least get the two TFU toys.

So I get there the next day and am entirely bummed that someone has bought the Prowl. Futilely cursing the person who swiped it and bitter about the loss of Prowl, I decide to forgo Sunstreaker, I go to the other side to see if maybe they at least got their share of the TFU shipments. Lo and behold... not only did they have the TFU figs, they got one case assortment of TFA wave 2!

Talk about impulse buy. Got everything except Tankor (they had him but he's not that impressive)

It's a hell of alot of money, but still, I don't have the buyer's remorse at all. Both the TF Universe and TF Animated lines are vast improvements over their 80's/90's couterparts, and far better than those lines released once the cartoon ended. I didn't want to do a review of each one. You can visit TF Philippines or Cybertron PH for that. Besides, I'm really lazy.

The thing I like most about the new lines are the sheer posability. Unlike my old Metroplex who has something like 10 points of articulation (all but 4 of them totally useless), these guys have tons. With the exception of a few (like TFA Bumblebee), they can be put in poses that rival what you can do with the Toybiz ML lines.

The other thing that keeps bringing me back to these lines is my satisfaction at solving the puzzle. The old processes that you saw in G1 toys are almost go-bot level compared to these guys. Look at the TFA Prowl. He is a small figure, but he's stumped most of the guys at work who try and transform him.

Unlike my skills with my PSP (which mainly consist of reading through voluminous walkthroughs). I've never used the instructions on these things. It's more fun figuring it out slowly, wondering at how they put each together. They aren't as solid as some of the old ones, but they sure look as if they can kick ass!

Still the complex construction does have it's drawbacks.

1) You've got parts falling off regularly.
They're all made to play with, so depending how you look at it, this can be a good thing. It can be a pain to have Ratchet's leg pop off, or have TFC Mirage come apart at the mid joint, but at least it's not the problems like cracked windshields and snapped joints I had as a kid.

2) Ball joints are either too loose or too tight
Particularly in the smaller ones, TFA Oil Slick and Prowl. Their hip joints are really useful in posing, but because they get so loose, it's hard to balance them. On the other side, Oil Slick, Prime's, and Jazz's shoulder joints are so tight, I'm afraid the post might snap every time I turn their arms.

Another gripe I have is the plastic. It's solid enough, but it looks so translucent. I guess you can't gripe too much since keeping their price down has already gotta be killer. I heard the new Hulk wave'll be P1100. demn.

All in all, Transformers is still the best line of toys for me, and as soon as I get a Bulkhead, Arachnia and Tankor, I'll be done.

Finding them at SRP and not having to pay 150% to scalpers is just icing.


  1. Use nail polish (preferably transparent) it will tighten the ball joints of your Animated. Just one coat that would help. ^_^

  2. Nice! Thanks, Mark! I'll try it with Prowl.


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