Word of the Day - "speedtacularly velociminous"

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Speedtacularly Velociminous


1: The speed at which toys that have been designated as "Hard-to-Find" by collectors disappear off retail shelves.

2: The speed at which collectors will post "Dibs!'" on threads of fellow collectors in forums when one of the aforementioned items goes on sale at anything approaching Suggested Retail Price.

3: The speed at which fan boys will complain about any new product, movie or toy line that has anything to do with products, movies or toy lines that were thought of as "classic" back in the day.

What I bought List from OAFE

I'm going to have to do this...


Start:     Jan 24, '08 2:00p
End:     Jan 24, '08 4:00p
If you're a UP student, you know the ACLE is a whole day to learn something fun rather than vegetating in classes with stodgy old professors.

This year UP OPTICS (the AS photog group that has apparently outlived UP IRIS - which sux cuz our pix kikd their az!) is presenting GOING LOMO.

Apparently, our old friend Jan Michael Epilepsia (or JM or Epi or Shrubber or the short chinito dude or the guy named after the guy from Air Wolf) will be espousing the beauty and total ruleage of the lomo art to the little orcs this year. Let's all go there and egg him... support him! support him!

WHEN: January 24, 2008 (Thursday), 2:00pm-4:00pm
WHERE: Palma Hall (CSSP), UP Diliman campus

Some topics
1. history of lomomanila/ how lomomania started in the philippines
2. what is lomography
3. history of lomography
4. the difference between lomos and regular cameras
5. how to start a lomo hobby (budget, hardware, etc.)
6. perks of the hobby

2nd Tagcom Toys & Hobbies Convention

Start:     Mar 1, '08 10:00a
End:     Mar 1, '08 9:00p

March 01, 2008
Gateway Trade Hall
Cubao, Quezon City

Here are the Event Competitions......
submission is also on march 1, 11am to 2pm

a. Best Male
b. Best Female
c. Best Group
d. People's Choice
Award: Trophies , other prizes to be announce

a. 7inches down
b. 8 inches up (scale 1:3 not included)
c. diorama (maximum 1x1 ft)
Award: 3 winners per category, Trophy for 1st place, Certificate for 2nd and 3rd

a. 1:144
b. 1: 100
c. diorama (all scale)
Award: 3 winners per category, Trophy for 1st place, Certificate for 2nd and 3rd

a. open (1:43 down)
Award: 3 winners, Trophy for 1st place Certificate for 2nd and 3rd
b. Uncle Johnny’s Cup (Modification of JL Land Cruiser in to an Ambulance)
Award: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Trophy

a. open ( kit base only)
Award: 3 winners, Trophy for 1st place Certificate for 2nd and 3rd

a. cars 1:24 & 1:25 only
b. armor (all scales)
c. aircraft (all scales)
d. figures (1:24 smaller)
e. ships (all scales)
Award: 3 winners per category, Trophy for 1st place Certificate for 2nd and 3rd

3rd World Pyro Olympics

Start:     Mar 29, '08 8:00p
End:     Apr 26, '08 10:00p

The third world pyro olympics will still be held in the bay area of Mall of Asia , Philippines. This year La mancha pyro productions promises all of us for a bigger and better World Pyro olympics. This would be done because of the nice mix of competitors from Asia, Europe, South America and from Australia. Some countries will be making a return from the old competitions and exhibitions while some are new in the competition. France and Venezuela are the 2 new countries that would be joining the World Pyro olympics. Italy and Japan would be making their returns from World pyro olympics exhibition held before!

The schedule of the much awaited 3rd world pyro olympics is:

Here's the latest from La Mancha Productions: The 2008 World Pyro Olympics has been moved from Mid-Feb to end-March.

Revised schedule is as follows:

First country at *pm, second at 9pm

29 March- China and Germany
5 April - Korea and Canada
12 April- Japan and Australia
19 April - Italy and Venezuela
26 April - France and Philippines

[Canada is in, Dubai is out]

Tickets will be available in the 2nd week of Feb.

For more info contact La Mancha Pyro Productions

Room 218, La Fuerza Plaza II
2241 Chino Roces Ave cor. Sabio St
Makati City 1231, Philippines

Telephone: (632) 8173073-75
Fax: (632) 8173072
Email: info@worldpyroolympics.com

OMG. I think I over did it...

Originally posted Jan 21, '08 on slangards.multiply.com

So I went and reserved a whole buttload of figures and spent the weekend meeting sellers to collect them. I have now officially filled my shelf.

Now I have to get another one.

View the gallery HERE.

Bussard Ramjets

Science is kewl.

I was reading up on Star Trek (yes, I'm a trekkie. big surprise) and I remembered reading about Bussard Collectors in Niven's Known Space series. Who wants to strap millions of tons of rocket fuel on your back if you don't have to. That shit stinks and it's been know to blow up. I like my appendages where they are, thank you very much.

Just hook these babies up to your ride and you can mooch your fuel from the black. No fuss no muss.

Then you just need to wait the 5 or so years it'll take to get to Alpha Centauri at light speed. You'll probably need to bring a book or something.

The Late Dave Cockrum's Comic Collection 4Sale.


Dave Cockrum, the guy who drew that classic X-men story where cyclops has to collect all the new (and much more interesting) team, is gone, but his widow, Paty, is selling his comic collection.

Makes me wish I was still collecting. He's got a "Death the High Cost of Living" #1, signed by Gaiman and Bachalo for $7! That's like, what? P350.00?

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