The Rise of the Guardians Happy Meal

One of the movies back in 2012 that I enjoyed was Rise of the Guardians. It wasn't really one of the films that was on my radar early on because the design of the characters looked a little too “Dreamworks” (oh, wait...) for me. The trailer didn't really help improve my outlook since it seemed to be a lot of “wow, lookit!”, which I've found usually means there won’t be much to the movie but visuals.

I was wrong.

Yotsuba To: Danboard Mini Model Kit

It's been almost four years since I bought my Revoltech Danboard. Ever since then, I've been wanting to make my own Gestalt Danboard, but since 2009, the price on the RT Danboards have skyrocketed. When I first got mine, I got a quote for 6 pieces and it was something like Php 6,000. Nowadays that would run you well into Php 15,000 for the same quantity, depending on which version you got. Even the RT Danboard Minis were too expensive for my blood.

Along comes Kotobukiya's Yotsuba To: Danboard Mini Model Kit. At Php 600 each at WasabiToys, they're a steal! Of course I pre-ordered mine back in October and it looks like they've run out of stock, but good news is there's another pre-order up for the same price.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Back in June of 2012, when Paramount first announced that they were going to be delaying the release of the sequel to 2009's G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, I have to say that I feared the worst. The original film hadn't really done all that well in the domestic box office and I doubt that anyone really believed that malarkey that the studio wanted the extra time to convert the film to 3D. Throw in a director known for his hip-hop dance movies and (gasp!) a Justin Bieber bio-pic, and it's not looking to good for our "Real American Heroes".

But color me red, white, and blue, I was completely wrong. This installment is far better than its predecessor and definitely worth a trip to the cinema. If Jon M. Chu can do this with material like G.I. Joe, I wish him all the best and hope we see more of him in the geeksphere. It almost makes me want to go out and take a look at his previous films.


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