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I'll reserve judgement and not say this is the best comic book adaptation EVER... until I see Hellboy II.

I always like the dark version of Batman better. The "world's greatest detective" version of him was always a little disturbing, just like Adam West's version. I was glad that Nolan took him back to something similar to Miller's version of Batman in "Batman Begins"; the unappreciated champion of a dark, dangerous city.

Looking at this film, it's hard to tell it's the same director. Nolan's look for the film is almost like a documentary. I kept thinking cop drama. The streets are streets of a real Gotham this time, not the dark alleys covered in black like the first one. The whole thing goes well with the tone of the film, though the camera work doesn't do the fight scenes much good. I still prefer Hong Kong style to the jittery hand held.

The casting on this thing is spot on. The only thing I remembered Heath Ledger from was 10 Things I Hate About You and Knight's Tale, but after his stint here, I find myself wishing there could have been a sequel. Eckhart is great as Dent, too, and though I think Katie Holmes is cute as hell, Gyllenhall inhabits her character much better.

Only gripes I had were that it was LONG. went in 10:20, came out like 1. Found myself wondering when the final scene was coming. That and Gordon's wrap up. A little over the top. And the aforementioned camera work during the fights. And that Bat-fingerprint-on-disintegrated-bullet-reconstructor software Wayne had. ugh.

I'm not gonna ruin it anymore. Just go watch. Just not in an SM Cinema, cause I'm pretty sure they cut shit out.


  1. I think the problem with the fight scenes is the Keysi Fighting System as the Martial Arts style of Batman rather than the camera angle. I think they chose Keysi because of the practical approach of this technique. Keysi is reported to be rooted in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do which translates to "Way of the Intercepting Fist" meaning block and punch at the same time. I guess if Batman was to fight in the real world, then this would be his style. Ironically, Bruce Lee modifies his technique for films to give the audience astonishing cinematic moves...what can i say...the guy's a showman!


  3. No. The problem was that they were using IMAX cameras to film the fights. Because of the size of the equipment, they had to sacrifice creative angles for clarity. It's a personal opinion, but I prefer the dynamic angles that handheld and stedicam shots would have giving it than seeing every detail.

    It's still the best comic adaptation I've seen, though. Personally, I think it looks like Bats is using Krav Maga mostly.

  4. Sunstreaker was in the movie! Lolz! The Black Lambourghini Countach! =)


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