El Diablo está llegando

Diablo 3 is coming! Holy brown stains on my shorts, Batman, this thing is worth the wait. Visit Blizzard's site and take a look at what's in store. The teaser trailer's done well, but what you really want is in the gameplay sample.
Just look at the screenshot! That monster just tore off that poor bastard's head! That in and of itself is worth the price of admission.
I'm gonna get me a new PC just so I can play this sucker.


  1. you've been saying you're gonna get a new pc forever. meh...

    Diablo 3 looks damn good tho.

  2. buy the original and we'll go battlenet hahaha i want this one damn it!

  3. And this is a reason worth getting one!

  4. i'm planning on buying a new pc instead of a camera because of diablo 3 hahaha

  5. i'll upgrade my mac because of this!


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