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Really great figure. He's got a detailed, creepy sculpt with alot of his musculature exposed and the rest ready to pop out. The long hair isn't blocking his neck articulation so you can get some decent action poses with it.

Best thing is, one of his hands is in a fist, the other in an open pose that doesn't look limp. It looks like, "C'mere-so's-I-can-grab-your-face-and-smash-it-with-my-other-hand-which-is-a-fist".

I may need anger management classes soon.

Anyway, I wish all hasbro toys had the ratcheting mechanism this guy has. Any pose you put him in will lock. It's really good. Of course, you see the teeth of in the joints, but it's not as obvious as it'd be in a superhero in tights. The lack of the swing joint in the ankle still hurts him, but he's still worth the money if you have the scratch.

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