Facial Hulk

This one is just yuck. Not a big fan of bukake, but this is one variant I had to have.

The Keown/David run on The Hulk was one of the best comic team ups ever. EVER. not only did they do the Transvaal storyline, they also had one of the best one-shot stories with the Infinity Gauntlet crossover where Hulk shrinks to a tiny rat-sized mighty-man and has to face Emil Blonsky in all his acid-faced glory.

Not only is it a moving story, the art is just the best Hulk vs. Abomination rendition I've ever seen. They both look massive (even if he's a tiny thing), and Abomination's face looks scary, not ridiculous.

That same thing is caried over to this toy. I'd have preferred it if they used a paint that was something a little less "Secret of the Ooze", but it's still a great representation. He's big, he's ripped, he's got warts and scales, and fins.

He's missing a torso joint, but let's face it. None of the torso joints in the other Hulks really helped much. The ratcheting in his arms and legs is really satisfying since you can get him in all sorts of poses, but be careful. His arms snap off if handled too much.I went through 2 regular Abo's before I decided not to touch his arms anymore.

If anyone wants an Abomination sans his right arm, let me know.

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