Spiderman 3

Genre: Action & Adventure
I'm not even going to bother with the haiku this time.

So it looks like Marvel is intent on killing the Spiderman franchise, just like Hollywood killed Batman. This is the worst comic movie I've seen since Ghost Rider. It does not bode well for FF2. Or Iron Man for that matter. I still have hopes for Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman...

When will the studios learn that less is better when it comes to certain things. Having three villans does NOT make for three times the geeky goodness. Having familiar charaters like Doc Connors and Gwen Stacey does NOT make the movie better if they don't have anything to do except provide exposition. Two love triangles is NOT better than one.

And would somebody in Hollywood please put out a general ban on amnesia in anything outside of soap operas.

The extra star is just for the fight scenes. Watching Tobey get the snot beat outta him after that Travolta scene and the beatnik jazz bar was kinda fun. And as a friend of mine said after watching...

It looks like it really hurt.

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