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My Christmas Aquisitions

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Most are from the toy sale. Got the Micromen Batman & Batman from Tyensaijing, Captain Marvel from Kim, the variants from ML Modok variants from Toy Kingdom express. Pretty lucky the past few months at with the toy runs. Been finding rare figs left and right at suggested retail price. Still hoping to get a cheap Galactus for my Surfer...

But then I'm thinking of just making a custom Stikfas one anyway...

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Christmas Toyfair 2007

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Avenue Q


Articulation Overload

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I found a Silver Surfer and Stikfas in the same day! woot!

To think I've been running around this whole week, trying to beat the hoarders and I find the shiny one in Podium, right next to the office. Very last one too. Now if only I can get me a Thorbuster. I was seriously tempted to buy the set at half price just to get him.

Then I found those tiny poseable, astonishingly simple Stikfas and I had to buy two. Wanted 6, but I'm trying to get a handle on my impulse control problems. 

Buy 5, get 1 baaaaaadass cardboard motherf*cker!

Totally gotta do this. This is my next goal in life. Pathetic, i know, but look at him! He's a super robot made out of CARDBOARD!

The Drag-Ons

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So after a 36 hour day, slangards goes to see a drag show. Actually pretty great, after having slept through the play I was supposed to be watching. Totally recommend their show if you happen to be in Greenhills.

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