Funko Pop! Iron Man 3 Figure Set

This is really going to be a pretty quick review since there isn't really much to these figures other than THEY ARE CUTE!

If you've seen one Funko Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead figure, then you have a pretty good idea of what they look like. They stand about 3" to 4" tall, have small bodies, and huge cube-shaped heads (something like the "super-deformed" toys that Japan loves to produce). The squarish, hollow heads are mounted on a post with a large spring attached, that in turn attaches to the roof of the head's interior.

You hit the head, it bobbles. Bobble. Head.

Thor: The Dark World's Dark Elf

It's markdown time again.

Or actually, it's pretty much been markdown time for a really long time. With disappointing movie related waves from Amazing Spider-Man, hard-to-find figures from the Captain America: Winter Soldier wave, a non-existent X-Men: Days of Future Past wave, and not-worth-full-price Transformers: Beast Hunter waves, it's been awhile since there's been a real draw for the local toy stores. Even the The Guardians of the Galaxy toy line failed to pull in huge numbers (but I think that's mostly because there didn't seem to be large numbers of them ordered).

Thor: The Dark World is another line that pretty much got buried really quickly in toy stores. I guess Thor just isn't as cool as giant robots or guys in steel underwear. Even I didn't want to pick them up, since they aren't made for collectors. G.I. Joe is a good line for collectors. Articulation is standardized, accessories are the norm, and price isn't crazy. Marvel 1:18 toys used to be on the same page, but lately it's been more miss than hit.

And the Thor: The Dark World were all pretty much miss.

Figma Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)

I don't like many Japanese cartoons, also known to geekdom as anime, but I will occasionally find a series that floats my boat. Kill la Kill (or Kiru Ra Kiru on the Wikipedia page, which I'm pretty sure is just "kill la kill" with a racist accent) fits that bill.

Awesome fight scenes? check.

Big action set pieces? check.

School girl outfits with short skirts? check.

Huge scoops of fan service? check!

If you're not familiar with the series, it's another winner from the makers of Gurren Lagann, the anime that brought us Yoko Littner. Click the link. That should tell you pretty much what you're in for.

DC Comics Buildable Capsule Figures

I've been a fan of these little guys since they made the Marvel versions a few years back. So far, I've been able to collect a lot of the series including the two Marvel sets, the Disney sets, the BokChoyBoy toys, and a few others. I was even tempted to get the NFL sets, but I may have missed my window there.

I'm glad that didn't happen with the first wave of DC self-buildable figures.

TFC Toys Star Cats Dinosaur Combiners Age of Extinction Edition

I honestly am not sure if these are knock off toys.

If they are, they're definitely "Class A" knock offs, because they are absolutely amazing considering I only paid about Php 2,000 (roughly $45) for them. But from what I see online, the "original" toys from the Unknown Chinese Toy Manufacturer cost about the same, so they could be original for all I know.

Either way, they are amazing.

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