Lou Ferrigno Hulk

Originally posted at slangards.multiply.com on July 25, '08

The Hulk to end all Hulks. This is quite frankly, the best sculpted Hulk figure ever made. His face just looks MEAN and perfectly cranky. He really reminds me of Ferrigno from the TV series.

Problem is, his articulation is the worst. Period.

You can't really do anything with him. His arms and legs can only move about 10 degrees before they're stopped by something, and he's really too heavy to stand in anything but his default position. I don't even know why he's got that hole in his back for the clear stand. I've broken two just trying to use them with him.

Plus, his hands are OPEN. WTF Toybiz? He's the HULK. you know, "HULK SMASH! GRRRR!"??? Totally useless.

Don't know who's bright idea that was but he's a moron.

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