Transformers Universe Smokescreen

Originally posted at on Apr 16, '09

Smokescreen is yet another repaint of the Universe Prowl mold. We've already got the Silverstreak repaint in wave 3 and I've done a review of both of them. Since there's doesn't seem to be ANY retooling between the three, I suggest you read that one if you want to read about details of the articulation or sculpt.

The back of his card says that Smokescreen's a master of misdirection. In the TV series, he was a rally car that put out copious amounts of smoke when ever the 'Bots needed to make a run for it. It wasn't the most glorious role a guy could have in the army, but I'm sure he saved many of his fellows tails. Let's face it, if the Transformers were for real, Optimus and friends would get their butts kicked alot.

The car mode looks just as good as either Prowls or Silverstreak's chasis. The join lines aren't as obvious as the Ironhide mold, and aren't in awkard places, so he still looks pretty sleek despite them. He's got the whole rally car look down, with simple paints and a big number 38 emblazoned on his doors and hood, just like his G1 diaclone based predecessor. It's too bad they didn't add in more racing labels to make him more like real rally cars. I think Mirage was the last one we got with actual sponsor logos on his vehicle mode. Here's hoping Reprolabels decides to make some (not that I could get them anyway).

Sculpt-wise, the robot mode of the figure is exactly the same as the 1st Prowl mode. They didn't even bother to give him a new head. What's up with that? Again, I'm not so miffed that they re-use this mold over and over again. Considering how many moving parts are required for a transforming figure, and that even the G1 toys were just repaints, it's not unexpected.


I wish Hasbro would have given them different heads, to at least give each 'Bot his own identity. It's what they did for Sideswipe/Sunstreaker/Red Alert and look how great those figures look. If they make a Jazz down the line using this mode, I pray the look into giving him a unique head at the very least, but I'm hoping though that they put this mold and Sunstreaker's to rest after 3 iterations. If they give us a Wheeljack based on the Sunstreaker mode...


Again, he has light piping, just like the others, but it doesn't work very well. I guess his eyes are just to small for much light to pass through...

There is a Henkei version of Smoky, but there isn't that much different from this version. He's got more black (forearms and feet), a vac-metal spoiler in red, and a different paint job. It's the same colors though, just different placement and no "38" on the hood. You ask me, pass on the Henkei and save yourself the money.

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