Score!!! Decepticon Fracture is Mine at Last!

Originally posted at back on Apr 13, '09

Repaints are the arch nemesis to my wallet. Especially when it's a mold I really like. Transformers are one of those toy lines that is prone to repaints, since a new color palette means a totally different character. Take this mold for example.

I already own several of them. I got the first one as a gift from my girlfriend, and loved it so much, I got the Japanese Henkei  version as well. I then bought the yellow Dragstrip variation at the original price as soon as it hit shelves. But, Fracture was a Walmart exclusive, which meant, barring a miracle, Toy Kingdom was not going to be stocking this. Ever. The only people I had seen with this figure had gotten it through connections in the States.

Then someone posted on the PTK boards that there was one on sale at JAE in Megamall, but for the insane price of P2,500. That's right. P2,500. I didn't even think twice. I waited for the mall to open and got that baby right then and there. You snooze you lose.

Now, everyone I know will say are you crazy?! P2,500?! and to them I will say, "Yes, I have in fact, gone bananas".

Anyway. If you'll read my other review of the first three, you'll find all you need to know about this figure. It has all the excellent articulation of the old mold, with some really cool paint apps. The colors may remind '80's kids of the Gobot, Crasher, which isn't really a coincidence. Like the GI Joe figure Matt Trakker, it's an homage to another well loved saturday morning cartoon. Just like that character, Fracture is an insane female with a penchant for recklessness.

How can you resist?

Anyway, here are the pics:




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