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Of all the toys I have, there are only a few that are a permanent fixture on my display shelf. Danboard is one of them. What with so many people messaging me on the Pinoy Toy Kolektor and Cybertron PH boards about my avatar and where to find this little guy, I figured I'd take some proper pics and give him his due.

Unlike most of the Revoltech figure line, Danboard apropriately comes in a nice cardboard colored box with a few die-cut windows on the side, top, and front.


Inside, instead of the mess of twisties that American toys come in, he's in a nice, easily opened plastic tray. You can just pop open the top tray and, "Viola!" he's free.

What you see is what you get, boys and girls. He doesn't have alot of accessories compared to the other Revoltech figures. Basically it's a cirular stand, an extra head and flesh-tone neck joint. But then again, what he lacks in gear, he makes up for in sheer awesomeness.

His design is great. For such a simple thing, you'd expect the manufacturers could just phone it in, but no. You can see the seams of the cardboard where it was glued together. If you get one of the Amazon or 7-11 exclusives, the boxes even have corporate logos on them. Great if you're planning on making yourself a gestalt Danboard.

Articulation is what you'd expect. It's a boy in a box for crying out loud. Don't expect him to have double-hinged elbows. There are 5 points of articulation, but with the Revoltech system, those are pretty versatile. If you include the flaps around his torso, POA count jumps to 9. Despite a very big footprint, you'll need his included stand to get him to stay upright. His humongo head makes him top heavy.


The best thing about Danboard is his light up eyes. There's a tiny, itty-bitty switch on the left side of his head that you can flip to turn them on. They're powered by two watch batteries that you can access on the bottom of the head box. You wouldn't believe how well he photographs with the extra feature!

Because Danboard is a boy (girl?) in a box, he comes with an extra head. You simply pull off the head-box, switch the black "neck" for the flesh one and put on the human head. presto. It's awful cute, looking totally bemused and surprised. You really can help but put him in all sorts of situations.

At a grand apiece when they were released, this guy was (arguably) one of the best buys I ever made. Of course he's sold out everywhere now and eBay is the only option if you want to get one. Me, I'm thinking about it, because I want that gestalt cardboard robo real bad.

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