Punisher: War Zone

Genre: Action & Adventure
I've been reading reviews of this movie and let me tell you, I don't know what they're on about. Apparently the consensus is that it's over-the-top, that it's too violent, too bloody. It's too dark, Stevenson is so stoic, it's not realistic. Hellooooo?

This is a PUNISHER movie.

If you know anything about him, it's clear Frank Castle isn't the typical superhero. Do you actually expect to have a nice an shiny PG-13 movie about a man who executes criminals without trial? The man lives in the sewers with enough firepower to support a couple of wars. The Punisher isn't going to have any dilemmas about "with great power comes..." blah blah blah. There's no stuggle to control his inner animal. He's not facing adversity because he's different from everyone else.

The Punisher is a guy who kills bad guys.

It's really that simple. In the movie, there are short references to his origin (family was having a picnic, witnessed a mafia rub-out, were shot, lone survivor) which is really MORE than you need to know. If you want an idea about what this movie is about, go back to the old westerns and classic revenge pictures. You've seen "Deathwish" right? Charles Bronson? No? "Get Carter"? What's wrong with you! "Taken"! You've seen that right?! Liam Neeson torturing some dude who took his daughter? Yes! That's what this is. A bad man out to get badder men.

And does he ever. Gosh I can't describe how much fun it is to watch him go at it. The gore in this movie isn't like in "Hostel" or "Saw". There's a certain freedom granted to a character that is out to do evil to evildoers. You can't judge him like you would the bastards in torture porn films. When Frank puts his fist THROUGH a thug's face, you'll gasp, but then you'll cheer. Because that bastard deserved it. I'm not saying it's right, I'm saying that it's that kind of movie.

I've heard people say that you can't make a Punisher film, but this is a damn fine one. After watching it, I pulled my copy of Thomas Jane's Punisher from a few years back. Let me tell you, that thing was utterly craptastic. Not only did it take liberties with his origins, it relocated him to Miami of all places. There are reasons why CSI Miami is the worst one. Everything about this movies screamed "I am the ass end of Hollywood action film making. Kill me please".

Watching Punisher War Zone on the other hand screams, "Grab a bucket of popcorn and freeze frame me when Frank blows this guy's head off with a shotgun!"

Now if only it had Dolph Lundgren and Louis Gossett Jr. in it.


  1. Agree !!! Although parang OA si Jigsaw pati ung sidekick nya. Hehehe.

  2. Oh, yah. Forgot to list Loony Bin Jim as a FAIL. God that guy was annoying. "Do you know that kidneys and applesauce are a delicacy in Sweden?"

    What a putz.

  3. I never bother with reviews. I would have understood the people (casual moviegoers) who thought this was too violent. I didn't hear much about this other than it sucked. I thought that meant it was boring and there was not enough action.

    Then I saw it...

    I was very pleasantly surprised. This came out in theaters here last December. I wanted to watch it, but I don't think it even lasted two weeks in theaters (which lead me to think this really must have sucked bad). So, I had to wait for DVD.

    Finally it came to DVD and I rented it. Awesome. Yes, it was too violent, ultra violent. And that was good. Finally, the Punisher was as bad ass as he should be. The violence was damn near beautiful at times.

    Story was okay. Not exactly the most exciting, but it wasn't bad. Although I would have enjoyed even more action, there was definitely no lack of action and violence and blood and gore.

    I loved Dolph Lundgren as the Punisher, but Ray Stevenson was a great Punisher, he had the look and feel down just right. I think this movie tanked because it wasn't what people were expecting. So yeah, too violent for people looking for a super hero movie. Too bad for them.

  4. This may be proof that I'm adopted... this and the toy fetish...

    ... hmm...


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