Bome Special Edition: Maya Natsume

Originally posted at on Apr 2, '09

I've been waiting for this one for awhile now.

About a year ago I bought the regular edition from one of my fellow PTK members. Broken cowlick or not, it's a really nice edition to my small anime girl statue collection. Plus, because of the broken hair piece, I was able to get it below 1000 bucks, with a free bootleg version to compare it to. Trust me, it looks about 20 time better after putting them side by side.

I always wanted the "Special Edition" version, and had it in my toy pipeline for a time, but things went pear-shaped and I had to pass on it. One of those "demn, I wish I had gotten it when I had the chace" moments a new toy collector is plagued with. Luckily, I'm much better off now, and wouldn't you know it, Great Toys had one mint in box on sale.

The box is a sealed clam shell. I hate these suckers. The package graphics are ok. The front has some art from the show/manga, and a nice purple color that sets off the figure nicely. The back isn't anything to go on about, though. It's a picture of the statue, with a whole lot of text and a washed out pic of the character. whoop. It's not even that odd "kulang sa pansin" mess that is usually on the back of Japanese toys.

I had a few qualms about tossing the package though. Clamshells're a bitch to open unless you're willing to destroy it completely, and then it's still a step above extremely difficult. Right there below "where's that f*ing blowtorch...".

Many collectors like to just cut the bubble along the board and slide out the tray, but it always messes with the structural integrity (that's right! I said "structural integrity"!) of the package and what you end up with is a limp board and a floopy bubble. I decided to toss it out.

The figure and accessories are all packed on a molded plastic tray with a few twisties. Another pet peeve of toy collectors everywhere. This is why I love Revoltech figures that you can pop in and out of their boxes. Maya doesn't have alot of stuff. In fact all she really has is a sword. And a stand. whoop.

Once you've tossed the box though, this thing shines. It has all that sexy legginess of the black version, but in less depressing colors. Her hair is a nice translucent lavender, and her right leg has a nicely rendered dragon wrapped all the way around. The detailed red jacket sets off the other colors nicely. The pair of them look great side by side.

Like all collectible statues, there's really not much to review. Paint? Not outstanding. There isn't much in the way of washes or dry-brushing. It's based on a cartoon. She's all flat colors mostly. There is some slop on the black one though.

Sculpt? Totally subjective. I like it, but then I have a thing for leggy white chicks with purple hair and humongous... eyes.

Articulation? Are you kidding? You can turn her sword around.

Value? It's like P2000 bucks, man. You'd be an idiot to fork over that kind of cash for a few ounces of PVC and paint.

Thankfully, I am an idiot.

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