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If you've read my Ironhide review than you know most of what you need to know about this toy. It has all the range of motion that Ironhide does (including the superb balljointed ankles), the G1 faithful robot design, the cool gun, etc.

It still shares the same problems as well, with an ugly, ugly vehicle mode, horrible windows, and unpainted rims. Thankfully, they remembered to paint his face this time.

The vehicle mode has a few differences; a nice new paint job, and a light-bar up top. As I said, the rims remain unpainted, and the bumper is still not the right color. Still, it's a nice job on the paint. It looks like an ambulance, even if it's quite obviously not an ambulance. Unless they started using AUVs as emergency vehicles. I wouldn't put it past them. Those Japanese manufacturers sure do make small cars and buses. Ever try a 13 hour trip on a Japanese made bus made for short Japanese people when you're NOT a short Japanese person? not fun.

Anyway, the paint is good. Only thing I didn't like is that he doesn't have a cross anywhere or a a backwards "Ambulance" painted anywhere. Kinda dumb.


Transformation is still the same. It's alot of fun changing this guy from car to robot. The car may look like crap, but the transformation is genius. If they had just found a way to hide those ugly cracks...

Robot mode is a blast. This is really the reason you get this figure. It's so damn near the G1 cartoon, you want to cry! They swapped his head with a new one, so Ratchet sports a nice red crest on his forehead. Very, very nice.

Like Ironhide, he has some of the best articulation of the whole Universe line, and what do you know, they're not ALL ball joints. That's good news. While ball joints are fun, they wear out quick and pretty soon you have a limp noodle of a toy. Even if superglue works on worn joints like Viagra works on erectile dysfunction, I don't want to have to do it if it ain't necessary.


He's got light piping too, so he can look like the grumpy old McCoy that he's supposed to be. It doesn't work all that well since he's got a big plate of plastic on the back of his head that blocks light unless you turn his head, but it's a small point.

If you liked Ironhide, I tell you now, go out and get Ratchet. Even if he is a repaint, he is totally worth the P700.00 because of his articulation and sculpt. You can also look for the Japanese Henkei version, but they're about 2 times the cost and look alot more plain than it's US counterpart. But you get vac-metallized parts. Me, I'd rather get another robot than pay for some flaky aluminum.

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