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This collector gig is getting more and more expensive!

I'm not a very good shopper. I'm not good at math. I'm impatient. I'm lazy. I'm implusive. I have the worst memory in history. These are not good qualities for someone looking to get good deals. When I'm out looking for something, I don't canvas the area to find the best deal. I go to the first store I see, ASK if they have what I need. ASK how much it is. Give the cashier the money and leave. I don't haggle. I don't compare prices. I don't calculate budgets. This has gotten me in trouble.

Case in point: Hawkman.

I go to TK, and can't find what it is I'm really looking for (new Transformers on sale or the Nemesis Wave of Marvel Legends). While they don't have those items, they do have new Transformer Mighty Muggs, a new DC wave, and an unexpected restock of Kratos figures. The urge to buy something rises and the voice in my head gains volume; "buy it... buy it... BUY IT...". The fact that this incidence of serendipity coincides with a recent increase in my credit limit weakens my resolve.

I give in. I grab the two Muggs I want, the two Kratos figures I've been hoping to find, and the Hawkman from the new DC wave. Now I know the prices of all of these from hanging out in Megamall more than is good for me. NECA figures are P1.2k, Muggs are P700, and DCUC figures are P800. Simple, right? Wrong.

Of those prices, only the NECA tags matched my memory. It turns out the new Muggs are nearer P900, and the DCUC are now a whopping P1,300! What the f$%&?!

Now me being me, I don't notice this till I log on to the boards THE NEXT DAY and read a post that this is in fact the price of the new DC figures. I check my receipt and get knocked for a loop. Geez Louise. Ouchies.

Why did Bankee/ Mattel raise their prices? I don't know. Considering Hasbro shifted scales from 6" to 3.75" to cut costs, maybe it's due to the rising price of manufacturing these plastic space wasters. Maybe they figure if NECA is doing it, why can't we?

Still, even with the steep increase, I feel the purchase wasn't a mistake for this particular figure.

The figure is part of the Kalibak wave of "Collect & Connect" figures. Thankfully. I don't want any of the other figures in the line and I have no idea who Kalibak is, so I just got the one. This being my first DCUC figure, I never really appreciated the nice packaging that they come in. It's a basic clam shell, but unlike Marvel toys, there is a lot less waste. There's no card back sticking out the top and the toy is in a plastic tray without too many twist ties. Huzzah! There is a simple graphic in the back displaying the "Collect & Connect" concept and the figures included. It's a great package for MOCers.

Me I like my toys loose.

Out of the box, you'll find that Hawkie's got a lot (by today's standards anyway) of gear. A mace, a sword, and a sheild. I love gladiator type characters so this fits perfectly with others like Kratos or Planet Hulk. The accessories fit very nicely, and unlike ML's, he can actually weild his weapons without fear of them dropping from his grasp.

Paint isn't as bad as the toys in the Grundy line. That was the last CnC line I looked at, and I noticed that the QC issues were very apparent there. The toy I got has clean lines, though one of the one's I left on shelf, did seem to have some slop on the boots and his emblem on the chest was fuzzy. As always, check for the best one you can find. The sheild emblem is another problem area, since some of the examples I saw had better registration than others.

I was afraid that articulation would suffer with such and excellent sculpt, but was pleasantly surprised. He doesn't have any double jointed elbows or knees, but his joints offer alot of range. the biggest concern is the hips. I really prefer balljoints, but Mattel's weird pin/hinge joints work nicely, if odd looking. The best thing is the wings. I love wings on superheroes, but Marvel Legends never did get it right. Every Angel figure I've seen is awful. The solution here is great. Hawkman's wings are hinged so that he can "flap", and they have a pin joint so he can go "spread eagle". lol. He trumps anything Hasbro or Toybiz has done so far with their winged characters.

All things considered, I think this one figure is worth the P1.3k. I don't think I'd pay the same for Killer Moth or Mr. Miracle, but this one's got it all; accessories, sculpt, articulation. Just watch out for crap paint and you'll be fine.

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