New Marvel Universe Figures this Saturday!

Guess what, true believers... Marvel Universe is back!

Toys 'R' Us, in cooperation with Cybertron Philippines will be having a distribution event at the activity center of Robinsons Galleria on Saturday, June 23rd, 2012.

For those of you who have never been to one of these things, the fantastic guys at CybPH, Hasbro Philippines, and Playkit will be manning tables at the activity center. Anyone who wants the new Marvel Universe figures lines up to sign their names on the priority list (or lists depending on what's available at the distribution table) and get their number. Then you're free to go off and roam around the mall for a bit.

Once the actual distribution starts around 1:00 or 1:30 PM (this is when the stocks of popular and short-packed figures usually arrive), they'll begin calling people by number. Customers are allowed to get only one of each figure or set available at the table. If you're a picky collector like me, they'll allow you to compare one or two figures to get the one with the best paint (if it's bundled in a set, you're SOL, buddy).

Once you've gotten your one figure/set, Toys 'R' Us personnel will see you to the counter where you get to fork over your hard earned cash for little plastic people. Remember, no going back for seconds!

On Saturday, they'll be releasing a set of 8, an assortment of figures from waves 18 to 21, for Php 4,399.75 (yes that's right, they've raised the price to Php 550 per figure):
  • 007 Hulk
  • 008 Ultimate Spider-Man
  • 014 Bag Head Spider-Man (Future Foundation Spider-Man variant)
  • 023 Jubilee Vampire Costume
  • 022 Professor X
  • 024 Blastaar
  • 024 Blastaar (powered up variant)
  • 010 Beta Ray Bill

According to Cybertron Philippines, the price for the figures has dropped back to the old suggested retail price, so the set (of 8) is going to be available at Php 3,999.75!
Also at the distribution table will be Psylocke and Silver Surfer: Sold individually for Php 500 each.

Don't ask me why, these are the figures in the set, I don't know. It could be that they might adjust it before the date, or it could be that there will be stocks of the other figures in the waves since we got wave 17 (the one that included Shadowland Daredevil) on the shelves at the event. Or it could be that the assortment that Playkit got had only these figures.

In anycase, I'm not going to look this gift horse in the mouth. This set has a Hulk and X-Men and goddamn Beta Ray Bill, so it's worth it to me.

Too bad I blew my wad at the Transformers Prime event last week.


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