Return of Marvel Legends Deadpool

In all honesty, I probably don't really need to do a review of the new Return of Marvel Legends Wave 3 Deadpool. I mean, Hasbro's already given us this very same figure, with the same accessories, in red and blue, when they put out the Deadpool/Warpath Marvel Legends 2-pack about a year ago. This one's just in Wade's relatively new X-Force duds.

If you've been out of comics for a while, Volume 3 of X-Force is no longer Mr. Liefeld's version of The New Mutants. The team was turned into the X-Men's covert assassination squad: if there was something that needed doing that couldn't lead back to the nice and fuzzy X-teams, Cyclops would sic Wolverine and his sociopathic minions on it. While I'm not sure how I feel about the X-Men's move to a darker tone, I have to say I enjoyed the first trade paperback, Angels and Demons (2008) and am eager to read the rest.


Like Marvel’s X-Force, Marvel Legends is a name that has been resurrected by Hasbro. They’re already on their third wave now, and so far, sales locally have been pretty brisk, with only a few figures left on shelf (usually those that have been “long” packed). Of course, this could also be because there have been fewer sets available to collectors. Lately, orders for most toy lines are smaller and smaller, with only Transformers really providing a good showing. It’s been months since we saw any Star Wars releases, and the recent G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures don’t seem to be particularly plentiful either.

Which is why I’m so glad that Cybertron Philippines has been so good at helping organize distribution events for these big collector draws. I missed out on the Toy Kingdom Toy Expo 2012 at the SMX the other week, but there was also a group buy organized for some of the left overs to help move stocks. I was able to pick up a single Deadpool and Iron Man from that batch.


I’m really impressed with the work that Hasbro’s done on the Wave 3 packaging. The Clayton Crain artwork on the card backs is so much more appropriate for the canvas than that of Ed McGuinness on Waves 1 and 2. There's just so much more character in Crain's pieces.

For instance, if you flip the package over for the bigger image of Deadpool, you'll see he's in his room, with X-Force posters on the way (with Psylocke's face encircled in a heart), a Mystique figure strapped to a frag grenade, a pink lampshade, and in his hands are his own figure, and one of Doctor Doom, which he's popping the head off of. I'd love a poster of this thing!

It's fairly easy to keep the whole thing intact, too, unlike the old Marvel Legends boxes. Just need some decisive cutting with a knife to saw through the bottom three sides and pull out the plastic tray, leaving the top tongue of plastic glued to the card back. You can have it both ways: loose and MoC!

Essentially, the figure's exactly the same as before. Same great articulation, same great accessories, same great sculpting.

He comes with two swords, an assault rifle, a removable pistol with a removable thigh holster, and get this... his harness is also removable. I've been wanting to pull that thing off since I got those Madelman figures a month or so ago, but I never realized that I could until the clasp on this one accidently got loose. The little post is hidden behind one of the pouches on his left side. Ooo, Hasbro, you sneaking fellas.

Oh, he also has that stupid stand that you see in the photo. It's an eyesore, but I got to admit, it helps posing him. If there's one thing that's not so great about this toy, it's his tiny, tiny feet.



Considering that most 6" toys now a days are on the far side of the 1k line, the Php 900.00 price tag on these figures is a pretty sweet deal for collectors who are trying to choose what toy to spend their funds on. It helps that wave 3 doesn't have any "Build-a-figure" gimmick either (well for me anyway - I'm a sucker for marketing).

Problem is, Deadpool here is still REALLY popular and was the first guy to sell out, despite coming with extras in the case. If you find him, buy him on the spot.

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