New Transformers Distribution Next Weekend!

Distribution of Fall of Cybertron and TF Prime Cyberverse Legion Vehicon was moved to tomorrow, June 30, 2012 inside Toy Kingdom, SM Megamall. The July 7 distribution is now cancelled.

So Transformers fans are just coming down off the high of the First Edition Vehicon distribution in Robinsons Ermita a few weeks ago and already Cybertron Philippines is setting up another event for us geeks!

On July 7, 2012, inside the main branch of Toy Kingdom in Megamall, Hasbro Philippines, Playkit, and Cybertron Philippines will be launching the new figures based on the video game sequel, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, as well as the new Cyberverse versions of the popular toyline based on the new cartoon series, Transformers: Prime.

From Fall of Cybertron, we’ll be seeing Wave 1 of the new Transformers: Generations Deluxe Class figures. So far, the Deluxe Class of Transformers toys have been the best bang for your buck at Php 699.75 (about $15.50 US). Not only is that the cheapest price in the region, the Deluxe Class is usually the best accessorized and the best engineered of the classes and normally the most fun to actually play with.

Transformers: Generations (Fall of Cybertron) figures
Deluxe Class Optimus Prime

Deluxe Class Jazz

Deluxe Class Shockwave

Also on the plate are the new Transformers: Prime Cyberverse figures. We’ll be seeing both the Commander and Legion Class figures showing up. Right now, we only have the price for the Legion Class toys (Php 369.75 or about $8.00 US), but based on the Dark of the Moon Commanders like Guzzle and Powerglide, they’re probably going to fall into the Php 500 to 600 range.

From the looks of things, it looks like we’ll be getting assortments of Wave 1 for the Legion class figures, since Breakdown, Mirage, Soundwave, and Evac (Wave 2 characters) aren’t listed on the announcement, but for the Commander Class, we’re looking at both Wave 1 and 2 assortments with both Ironhide and Dreadwing listed.

Transformers: Prime Cyberverse figures

Transformers: Prime Cyberverse Commanders Wave 1 (clockwise from upper left):Bulkhead, Starscream, Megatron, Optimus Prime, 

Transformers: Prime Cyberverse Commanders Wave 1 (clockwise from upper left): Dreadwing, Bulkhead, Megatron, Iron Hide, Optimus Prime

Transformers: Prime Cyberverse Legion Wave 1 (clockwise from upper left)Vehicon, Ratchet, Cliffjumper, Bumblebee, Arcee, 

Again, if you’ve never been to one of these things, there are a few things to understand.

  1. The items listed above will likely be available only at the distribution table. These are a row of rectangular tables covered in red table cloths that are set up to one side of the venue.
  2. At 10:00 to 10:30 AM a line is formed in front of the red distribution tables. At this time, all you need to do is sign your name with contact info, and put a check mark under the items that you are interested in (only one item of each figure is allowed per customer). The people manning the tables will give you a number (or two depending on how priority lists you signed up on)
  3. At 1:00 to 2:00 PM, the stocks will arrive and distribution of the figures begins. Numbers are called based on the list made earlier; usually by 10s (i.e. Numbers 1 through 10 are called to line up, then 11 to 20, etc.). The people manning the tables will pass you the items you’ve signed up for. If there is a problem with the figure, you can ask for another to replace it.
  4. As most of the attendees are collectors, prepare for a wait as they get to your number. Collectors will compare several examples of the same figure to get the best paintjob/avoid any quality control issues and this means that it may take several minutes per turn.
  5. There are no promises that you’ll get what you want. These events are on a first come, first served basis, and only while supplies last. Even at one per customer, sometimes there are only so many of each figure available. Is there a chance you’ll see it on shelf next week? Yes, there is. But on the other hand, there’s also a chance you won’t.
  6. Between the time you get your priority number and the time distribution starts, you’re free to do what you want. However, be sure that you come back on time. Though the distribution volunteers will still squeeze you in if your number was already called, they do not hold items for you. If you come back late, and stocks have run out, you’re shit out of luck.
  7. While most events have activities and displays to occupy kids, keep them away from the tables during distribution. It’s crowded and they can get hurt.
  8. Remember that everyone at the table is a volunteer. Though they may work for Hasbro Philippines or Playkit, or belong to Cybertron Philippines, they aren’t getting paid to help out, or to arrange events like this. Keep that in mind before you any rants about how the line is slow or that you didn’t get the item you waited for or that some hoarder got two of the same item.

It’s funny how June has been so busy for toy geeks. Not only did we have the annual ToyCon, but we also saw two big distribution events (the aforementioned Transforers/Avengers one in Ermita, and the one last weekend at Robinsons Galleria for the new Marvel Universe figures.)

Let’s hope that July proves just as good.

All solicitation photos above from Hasbro via

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