Damn it, Hasbro! More Transformers?

Like I said when I wrote about the upcoming Ninja Turtles line, the only toys I’m anticipating more right now than the new TMNT figures are the various Transformers that Hasbro has announced in the past few months. Included in those is a new Fall of Cybertron line to help out my War for Cybertron guys and a whole mess of new Transformers: Prime figures.

I mean just look at these bad boys! It’s stupid how awesome these things are!

Yessiree, Bob! That there is Optimus, Jazz and Shockwave (insert fanboy squeal here) is their killer new threads for the Fall of Cybertron line.

I like how Hasbro’s going back to the BIG portrait shot of each character on the front, and the more visceral red (it reminds me of the old G1 boxes). I think these are really going to pop on the shelves at Toy Kingdom when they eventually arrive here. The toys are being released under the “Generations” moniker, so completists of that line will probably be scrambling as well.

But, wait! It’s not over. That’s just Wave 1 of the Generations Fall of Cybertron toys. There are a ton of other figures being released as well! Aside from the boxset Bruticus (which I’m not including here because of personal bias: I hate the way it looks) in Wave 2, we’re also going to get an Ultra Magnus, Sideswipe, and Fireflight (all re-tools of the three above), and two new figures, Kickback and Starscream!

I so happy, I do the Dance of Joy!

With the Sideswipe announced, you know we’ll get Sunstreaker. Likewise the rest of the Seekers now that Starscream’s already been tooled. I would not put it past Hasbro to milk the Prime mold and come out with a Nemesis Prime, but I’m definitely looking forward to more of the Insecticons.

In addition to the Fall of Cybertron figures, I’m also looking forward to the Transformers: Prime “Robots in Disguise” Waves 4 and 5, having just opened Wheeljack and Ratchet from the previous assortments.

Wave 4 includes the new figure Airachnid, the helicopter/spider that kicked Arcee’s tail in season 1. We’ll also see two re-paints, a stealth version of Bumblebee, and another Stunticon to keep Knockout company, Dead End (a re-paint of Wheeljack).

For Wave 5, we’re looking at a very nice Decepticon Rumble who will inevitably be re-made into Frenzy down the line, and Sergeant Kup who looks as if he could mow down a battalion with those cannons!

Hell yes, Hasbro!

According to the write-ups, he’s going be re-done in red to become the Transformers: Prime version of one of my favorites, Ironhide. Just looking at the concept art has me jizzing in my shorts.

At a suggested retail price of $12.00 or so in the US, I’m hoping that these will still be around the Php 700.00 mark when they hit stores in the Philippines. With the round of price hikes in other lines, though, it’s possible that they might be getting a jump as well. Paired with the smaller size of recent Deluxe Class (roughly 5” to 6” in height when in robot mode) figures, I’m not sure how many of these will be on my buy list.

It’s a hard choice, too, since the product coming out of Hasbro for the Transformers: Prime property has been consistently fantastic, while those new Generations figures look pretty bad-ass.

I’m thinking I’d better find some stuff to sell, and quick.

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