Toys 'R' Us' True Heroes toy line

I've reviewed toys from Chap Mei before and my initial impression of them still stands.

They are an excellent substitute to G.I. Joe figures when budget is a concern, with relatively good sculpting, play value, and quality. While the vehicles make great additions to your Joe or Cobra army forces, the accessories that the figures come with scale nicely with 1:9 scale figures (6-7 inches). The figures are a little less impressive on their own (they're not really in scale with anything they come with, and nothing really fits right), but any kid will tell you they don't care about that crap.

Though I had the chance to pick up some of the bigger toys a few years back, I just couldn't bring myself to buy any of the Raptors or the big tanks, since I don't really have the space for any of it. Seeing as I've dropped the G.I. Joe line from my current pull list (I didn't really like the last few sets after Pursuit of Cobra, but it has more to do with finances than anything else), it's probably a good thing that I didn't cave back then.

However, Toys 'R' Us' proprietary True Heroes toy line is making that resolution really hard for me.

I've been avoiding my regular toy runs these past few months, so I wasn't there when the new True Heroes toy sets began arriving (a rep said they'd already been there a month). However, I missed out on the new G.I. Joe: Retaliation distribution last week at the Toy Expo, so I've been hitting toy stores, waiting to see if I can score a Joe Trooper when they get their alottment. I was waiting for my girlfriend in Eastwood and decided to check out the Toys 'R' Us.

No Retaliation figures yet, but I stopped in my tracks when I saw a whole shelf full of boxes on top of boxes of True Heroes vehicle sets.

Here's a list of what looks to have been released (click links to see some pictures of the sets):

Vehicle Playsets

They're all packed in green (military) or red (rescue) boxes and prices range from Php 150.00 (2-pack figures) to Php 1,300.00 for the motorized tank.

Let me say that again: Php 1,3000 for a 1:18 scale motorized tank with lights and sounds!!! That's a price point I can love. The tank is pretty awesome and really gets the kid in me going. The look of it is pretty decent. Some of the proportions look a little chibi-ized for an M1 Abrams, and you have to deal with the garish red buttons on top that activate the various electronic effects, but come on. Tank!

The rest of the sets are all also based in some sort of reality, with a Chinook, Little Bird, Hummer, and Blackhawk, etc. They aren't exact scale copies of their real world counterparts, but for the purposes of a Joe, they work extremely well. And considering a Hasbro jet is something like Php 2,500.00, these make a great option for those who aren't that hard core.

Honestly, if I had the money, I'd be buying multiple pieces of every single one of these things. What are you waiting for?

Now if only they'd only bring in some of these other sets from the States:

Look at the size of that thing!

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