National Treasure

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The reason I always loved American history as a kid was because of stories like National Treasure. It takes little interesting bits of history and twists them in a way that makes everything a bit more exciting than it really is, while still remaining true to the facts. I've yet to see a Filipino movie that can create the same enthusiasm for me. Most historical dramas here aren't fun; they're mind-numbingly dreary and pedantic. Every time I see a movie about Rizal, I feel like I'm back in high school reading a text book.

Go watch 300, Saving Private Ryan, anything by Kurosawa or Zwick, hell, even Shakespeare in Love. These are movies that really spark my interest in history and make me wanna go find a history book (or at the very least pop open Wikipedia) and start researching. Did Ben Franklin really suggest Daylight Savings Time? Did the Spartans really hold back the Persians? Did Tom Cruise really go to Japan and learn the ways of the Samurai? National Treasure is just one of those movies that I love because it makes me really feel like I'm standing there amidst great men.

It's not like Da Vinci Code. Da Vinci Code sucked donkey dick and don't try to convince me otherwise. It took an idea that's been around for ages (I mean seriously, I've been hearing about this Jesus-married-Mary-Magdalene-and-had-a-kid-who-the-Knights-Templar-were-charged-to-protect crap since before high school) and made it into a sub-standard action movie. The movie did nothing for the novel, just squished everything together and put it to music. Do not speak to me about Da Vinci Code.

Just go and watch National Treasure, then watch the sequel when it comes out.

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