Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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The best of the five
Jedi Knights with pointy hats
Gay old men winking

It's like Star Wars, but with lots of British people.

I have to admit it's probably the best of the series in terms of entertainment value. It doesn't have the artsy fartsy overtones of the Prisoner of Azkaban, or the overblown effects of Goblet of Fire and I feel it more than the Chris Columbus ones. It's got plenty of wizard fights and uncomfortable wide-angle shots. The opening scene pretty much sets the tone, though I thought the dementors in the third one were creepier.

Plus the writers decided to squish the book into something much more usable on screen, which is ALWAYS much better than trying to appease the purists by shoving every key scene from a book into the movie.

See it if you really like Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, or pubescent girls and boys. Otherwise, go see Transformers.

And NO, Radcliff doesn't get nekkid. But it caught you're attention didn't it.

EDIT: Here's the real poster:

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