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Bug isn't the kind of movie everyone gets. The first reel is appallingly dragging if your attention span is measured in seconds like mine is. I felt myself wishing there was someway to fast forward through all the exposition and character history. But if you're patient and can keep from screaming, the P150 or so you shelled out is totally worth it.

The film is directed by William Friedkin (the dude who gave us The Exorcist) and based on Tracy Letts' play of the same name. Letts even did the screenplay, and It really does feel like it's made for the stage. There's only five main characters and most of the story takes place inside a motel room. Yet it still manages to make your hair stand on end.

It's the acting and writing that really sell this pic. Harry Connick Jr. is pretty impressive as the bastard ex-hubby; he's the guy you love to hate. Then, once the next act hits and Ashley Judd starts showing signs of infestation, the sh*t really hits the fan. When Michael Shannon starts channeling Brad Pit in 12 Monkeys, you're knee deep in the delusional paranoia.

I swear the leads' acarophobia is so convincing it's kinda contagious. During the second reel, you start thinking that maybe there's something crawling on your arm. Then you think maybe it's digging under your skin. By the time the third act rolls around your deliciously schizo and the claustrophobia is really getting to you. The climax moves in and you're totally freaking out. And when the credits finally roll, you're well on you're way to being a full blown sociopath.

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