Avilon Zoo, Montalban, Rizal

Photos originally posted on slangards.multiply.com on Feb 4, '09.

I really love Avilon Zoo in Rodriguez ( formerly Montalban ), Rizal. I haven't been back since this trip, but I hope it's still as clean as it was when my friends and I visited. There was a lot of construction still going on, so hopefully they've expanded it quite a bit.

It actually reminded me a lot of the Honolulu Zoo, which was always a favorite place of mine.

Here's some photos:

Full gallery can be viewed HERE. You can learn more about the zoo at their website: http://www.avilonzoo.ph/

It's a few hours away from Metro Manila and can be reached via Jeepney and tricycle fairly easily (a simple Google search will get you the directions you need). If you have kids, this would be an excellent place for a day trip.

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