Ozine Fest '09 - The National Cosplay Summit

Start:     Apr 3, '09 10:00a
End:     Apr 5, '09 10:00p
Location:     SM Megamall Building B, 5th floor Megatrade Hall 2

Hungry for anime? Itching to cosplay? Looking to satiate your otaku desires?

Then get ready as Otakuzine Anime Magazine brings you its 5th and most ambitious Anime event ever: Ozine fest '09!! Prepare for not one, not two, but THREE days of anime and cosplay mayhem enough to satisfy hungry otakus all over the country.

Ozine Fest is an annual event organized by the Otakuzine Anime Magazine staff to gather Anime Fans around the country. Get in line before the event officially opens and expect special gifts from us.

April 3, 4, and 5, 2009
SM Megamall Building B, 5th floor Megatrade Hall 2

Visit http://www.otakuzine-mag.com/ozinefest/ for more details

Ticket Price:
Php 100.00 per day.
Php 250.00 for 3-day pass.
3-day pass holders qualify for the raffle.

Day 1: Nintendo Wii
Day 2: Xbox 360 (Elite)
Day 3: Playstation 3

A ticket holder can win for Three (3) consecutive days as long as he or she is present to claim the prize. If the ticket holder is no longer present then the organizers will have to redraw for a new winner so be sure to stay until the raffle is done.

For inquiries about our event you can contact us thru Yahoo Messenger. Please make sure that you’re in the right department before asking questions.

Individual & Group Cosplay, Nation Cosplay Summit (NCS), and General Question/s about the event
please message: ozinefest_ukiya

Battle of the Bands, Maid Café, and Matsuri area booths
please message: ozinefest_michikat

Anime Video Making, Photoshoot Contest, Cosplay Poster Making Contest, Art Contest, and Indie Manga Contest
please message: ozinefest_krno

Food eating contest, Anime Dance Contest, and Karaoke Contest
please message: ozinefest_reiascotl

Visit http://www.otakuzine-mag.com/ozinefest/ncs.html to check rules for the Cosplay contest


  1. Good news for Stikfas fans, looks like they'll have a booth there. Hopefully, we'll see more of those P50.00 blanks that they sold at the last Toy Con...


  2. ooohhh... must have a decent camera by then.

  3. Aaaand another con...
    Stikfas should in Tagcom, a toy con. But whatever spreads the word. I hate how expensive the generic Stikfas are. I got the cheap ones when I bought a T-Rex. (Skeleflex are better though)

  4. STIKFAS!!!

    Blister Packs @ P100
    Lite Packs @ P150
    Regular Packs @ P200 and up
    Alpha Male Motorcycle @ P400

    ** FREE 1 Blister Pack for every STIKFAS purchase **

    (while supplies last!)


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