Real Steel Toys Are Coming!

Oh my gawd, I want these so hard!

JAKKS Pacific, the toy company that used to have the WWE license and still holds the UFC and TNA licenses, is coming out with toys from the upcoming movie Real Steel! The movie is about a down and out boxer gets himself a one ton robot to duke it out for him in the ring.

Robots. Fighting.

That is all you need to know.

That and it stars Wolverine.

There are several assortments coming out and so far, the look good. There is the “Basic” and “Deluxe” figures, along with several play sets listed on Entertainment Earth right now. Now, I don’t know what the differences between “Basic” and “Deluxe” are, but I’m betting the "Deluxe" ones are nicer but more expensive.

I just KNOW those are the ones I'm gonna want.

Real Steel Movie Basic Figures Wave 1 case assortment
  • 3x Atom V1
  • 2x Zeus
  • 1x Midas
  • 1x Noisey Boy
  • 1x Twin Cities

    Real Steel Movie Basic Figures Wave 2 Case assortment
    • 1x Metro
    • 1x Zeus (Battle Damage)
    • 3x Atom V2
    • 2x Six Shooter
    • 1x Ambush

    Real Steel Movie Deluxe Figures Wave 1
    • Atom V1
    • Zeus
    • Noisey Boy
    • Midas

    Real Steel Movie Deluxe Figures Wave 2
    • Metro
    • Twin Cities
    • Atom (Junkyard Version)
    • Six Shooter
    Real Steel Movie WRB Main Event Ring Playset

    Real Steel Movie Build and Brawl Playset

    Also available will be the "Real Steel Movie Robot Brawling Game" and the "Real Steel Movie Versus Figure 2-Packs" bu no photos are available yet. What has been released is enough for me to get excited. If Toy Kingdom does get these (and I think they've gotten the Jakks Pacific wrestling figures in the past) I'm going to have to save up for them.

    How much do you think I can get for a kidney?

    Read more about Jakks Pacific's Real Steel toy line at

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