Play Arts Kai Super Street Fighter IV is Coming!

And they just kicking me while I’m down.

This time around it’s Play Arts that’s taking the shot at my resolution to cut back on toy expenditures. Up till now, I’ve been successful at not buying into their recent Play Arts Kai upgrade, stopping at the Final Fantasy XIII Vanille, Lightning, and Snow, 3 figures that I thought would still go with my old normal-sized Play Arts figures. After realizing that the sheer size of these Brobdingnagian action figures would kill my display area and my wallet both, I discontinued the line.

But Square Enix keeps pulling me back in!

After narrowly avoiding bankruptcy after the release of the Metal Gear Solid, Assassin’s Creed, Bleach, Devil May Cry, Full Metal Alchemist, Resident Evil, Dissidia Final Fantasy , Bayonetta and Halo Reach figures, they’re coming out with STREET FIGHTER toys!

During the New York Toy Fair 2011 earlier this year, Square Enix they had a couple of their prototypes on display which looked amazing. You can find some great photos of them at

Now we’ve finally seen them painted! Here are a few photos from Hobby Search:

The Pre-Ordering has started and they’re slated for a November release. At around Php 3,000.00 each, it’s pushing the limits of the price I want to pay for any one toy. Yet considering the quality of the sculpt and the insane Marvel Legends style articulation apparent from these photos, I’m gonna be hard pressed NOT to get at least Chun-Li.

Stay tuned to Joint Junkie to see what happens.

To be continued…

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