Another Superhero Toy Event coming in September!

According to friends at Cybertron Philippines, September will be starting off with a bang with another Toy Event at Robinsons Ermita mall.

Details are scarce right now but if the most recent events I attended (the Captain America and Thor movie toy launches as well as the Transformers: Dark of the Moon launches) are any indication, there are a lot of toys waiting to be shelved. There was a recent distribution of G.I. Joe Sky Strikers and Hasbro’s Masterpiece Rodimus Prime, so we might see some of those at the event.

I’m hoping that Playkit got its hands on the new Marvel Universe figures; Wave 15 with Darkhawk, X-23, and Steve Rogers, or Wave 16 with Magneto and Iceman. Restocks of the Wave 14 figures would also be welcome as I missed out on Scarlett Spider and Doc Strange.

More Clone Wars figures would also be a good bet. Wave 10 with Savage Opress and Clone Commander Jet just dropped a few weeks ago, which means 11 and 12 should be right around the corner.

Another item that was recently spotted in toy stores in the States was the Marvel Masterworks Sentinel, the 18” monster that is Hasbro’s follow-up to last year’s Galactus. And then there are the next few waves of the Dark of the Moon toys. It’s been awhile since the toy launch and it’s likely that new product will show up soon. Human Alliance Roadbusters have already shown up in Greenhills, so those are in the offing soon.

Of course, this is all speculation until the official announcement and stock lists are published, but based on the scuttlebutt, it looks like the 3rd quarter’s going to end with a bang for toy collectors.

September 2-4, 2011
Midtown Wing
Robinsons Ermita

Program will start Sept. 3
Distribution of new toys will be on Sept. 3 and 4

EDIT: Here's what we know so far: There are new Clone Wars figures, new Joes, new Marvel Universe figures, and new Transformers, but no Sentinel as yet.

Star Wars Clone Wars set of 6 (20 sets only with free R5D4) - 2,999.75
  1. CW65 Jar Jar Binks
  2. CW64 R7-D4
  3. CW63 Chewbacca
  4. CW62 Captain Rex
  5. CW59 Savage Opress
  6. CW58 Even Piell
Marvel Universe: Fantastic Four (variant - not sure which one)
Marvel Universe: Guardians of the Galaxy Boxset
    Star Lord (modern armor), Rocket Racoon (modern armor), Drax (modern armor), Groot

Human Alliance Roadbuster with Sgt. Recon - 2,499

Deluxe Mechtech Track Battle Roadbuster - 999.75

TRU Exclusive The Scan Series Wave 2 - 999.75 EACH
  • Bumblebee
  • Ratchet
Hasbro 6" Marvel Figures - 1,299.75 EACH
  • Nick Fury – Movie Series
  • Captain America – Movie Series
  • Ultimate Captain America – Comic Series 


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