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Well, it looks like Comicology is dead.

After finding out about it back in January of 2009, I immediately bookmarked it and it became one of my favorite local sites. I regularly checked it in to see what The Bim was writing about; games, gadgets, comics, and toys were the subject for the most part, so the guy had a lot of fodder to feed the blog.

Sadly, (which also hosted Hippopotami on the Lam, my previous blog) started getting flooded with SPAM (those assholes ruin it for everyone). Both of us decided to abandon the ship and I started Joint Junkie. Bim's been off the radar for awhile, but he's finally back.

Geek Out! is the new home of Comicology, but sooo much better. The geekery is the same, with The Bim's articles populating most of the pages, but far more organized and easier to access, with a great new layout that looks so clean.

It kind of makes me wish I could spend more time getting this site up to snuff.

Even better, The Bim will have other people writing articles (I'm trying to figure out what to submit right now) for the various sub-sites. Already, Mr. YouTube himself, Dominic Dimagmaliw (or Advocate Pinoy) has written a review of the recent Marvel Select Gambit for the site.

Now, when The Bim says "We here Geek Out..." he won't sound crazy.

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