I should stay away from Greenhills...

So I leave the guys thinking "I'll pay my bills and go home...". After about an hour in line at two different banks, the exhaustion of being awake for 24 hours leaves me and I decide resolutely, "MAYBE I will go buy that red, no black, psp! (or maybe not)"

After walking around for two hours and finding out that the stalls in the back DO NOT sell shit cheaper and have warranties that are worth about as much as the shit they are not selling cheaper, I decide to go back to the first store I went into and settled for a boring silver one (reds are expensive and the dickhead in front of me bought the last black one). Free firmware upgrades and games go a long way for a poor bastard without a computer.

So I'm waiting for my PSP to get loaded and besides saying to myself earlier, "I will NOT go to the toystores..." I go to the toystores. Guess what I find.

Iron Man Movie series 1 set of 6 for P4100. Cheaper than SRP at Toy Kingdom and with an Iron Monger, a Mark 1 and a Mark 2. I said to myself, "SHEEET!" After much back and forth, "I'll buy it", "I can't!, "But I must!", I decide, "Yes, I must or I will kick myself in the ass when I'm forking over 2k for the Monger in a month or so.

That's how I spent 15k in 1 day. That's right boys and girls. 15k.

Can you say, "Ouch."


  1. wala talaga ko masabi sayo!!!!

    may orphanage sa parkplace na tumatanggap ng "old" toys!!! hehehe!!!!

  2. that's the life of a toy collector... we all go through the same things... i'm sure you've already had many similar instances... but hey, just gotta live by the "ya snooze, ya lose" motto... like you said, you'd just be paying more for monger later on, so you're better off... ;)

  3. hmmmm shopping is sooo much fun denners -- so go go dens and shop all you want , why you're earning and you're single!!! give in!! or rather -- way to go by giving in to your whims !! welcome to the club :)

  4. I experience the same and its painful in the pockets but after that you won't regret it. Unless you lost 15K on something that is not in your want list or in other uncomfortable situation... Then again at least you don't have someone else to manipulate you in buying these. You did it by yourself because you want it. ^_^


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