This is why me and marco don't talk alot when it's just us...

We're exactly the same amount of evil. Without the sexy man voice and kinda-not-quite british accent.


You Are 84% Evil
You're the most evil person you know.
The devil is even a little scared of you!


  1. Cheatah! (Thats "cheater" in a kinda-not-quite british accent.)

  2. Why I'll have you know I've never cheated in my life. I am however a pathological liar.

    But then, if I was a pathological liar, I wouldn't say I was a pathological liar now would I. I'd say, "I am NOT a pathological liar."

    ... I think I'm spelling "pathological" wrong... hmmm...

  3. i miss your one can quite say "f*****r" the way you do.

  4. "fucker" or "fluffer"? We say both alot.


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