Free Comic Day; It's better than Christmas!

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Repost from Azrael (Thanks for the heads up man!):

COME JOIN US ON SATURDAY, MAY 3 2008 FOR the Free Comic Book Day at our ROBINSONS GALLERIA Branch from 12pm-5pm. We will be giving out FREE COMIC BOOK DAY edition comics from various publishers.

These FCBD edition comics will be limited to (3) copies per customer, however, we will also be giving out THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of other comics for FREE with no set limit.

To celebrate Free Comic Book Day, we will also be offering:
*50% off all back issues in the comic bins
*Raffle prizes every half hour


If its  your first time to attend the Free Comic Book Day, here are some tips

  1. come on time at exactly at 10am
  2. bring a bag  for your comic hauls
  3. bring a camera, so that you can cover the event in your own style
  4. bring some comic books for autograph with the comic artist guest
  5. bring some extra shirt, because its a whole day event and you want to be fresh during the first 6 hours
  6. bring money! the comics is free, but the food is not! yeah! there are food centers in the mall, you need a lot of energy
  7. at 10am, line up properly infront of the comic store.
  8. if you’re late, just wish that you can still get free copies of the comics
  9. and if this tip is effective, contact me immediately ( hehhehe)


  1. Dude, we're at Galleria right now. Where i this exactly?

  2. read again retard, dont get too excited!

  3. That was not me. That was Malvin. He finally decided to use his access to my Multiply. Still won't make his own. Or find his stalker and make her give up the password to the one she's running.

    Anyway, if the PSP/Laptop/Ipod Touch that you are obviously posting with has a time machine attachement, fire it up, go to the 3rd floor and proceed to Kenny Rogers. It's to the left of that. Comic store next to the gun shop. Itty-bitty thing.

  4. You suck Malvin. This stalker better not be a fat chick.

  5. the free comics are kinda piddly. dunno if thats worth the 2 hour wait. :|

  6. Malvina says, "I may be gay, but you're gayer"

    That is such a gay answer.


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