Where Have All the Iron Men Gone?

Originally posted on Apr 14, '08 at slangards.multiply.com

So I thought that if I went to one of these toy launches, I might actually score a whole set for once without all the hassle of running each toy in a series down while avoiding scalpers.

No such luck.

I was there when the bloody mall opened and couldn't have been there a minute after the first guy. Still, every single Mark1, Mark2, Stealth Operations, and Iron Monger were gone from the shelves. No luck at either TK Express or TK Podium either.

All I got were these two red ones, which is all any TK has now. Whole mess of pegwarmers for the next 3 months or so. What the hell is wrong with the toy industry. Why pack the ones everyone is after with a 1 to 3 ratio with the one NO ONE wants?

Stupid people.

And if you're wondering, these are now where near as good as the old Toy Biz ones. I'm growing to hate Hasbro just like all the fanboys who've been prognosticating their demise. Quality control this time is the suck. There's a ton of splashed paints, crooked joints, etc. The plastics are really rubbery. The joints are all soft and feel like they're about to come apart (especially the itty-bitty wrist joints). Parts (shoulder pads) literally fly off. An what the hell is up with the right hand? What kind of super hero poses include a limp finger?


Still getting the rest though. It's just a question of how much and how long I can hold out.

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