Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
"Arise! Arise, Riders of Theoden! Spears shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered! A sword day, a red day, ere the sun rises!

"Ride now!... Ride now!... Ride! Ride to ruin and the world’s ending!


"Forth, Eorlingas!"

-- Theoden, at the gates of Minas Tirith

If you haven't watched Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings, you need to. If you haven't seen the extended versions, you have to.

Forget transformers. Forget harry potter. They suck. Go out now, find the extended versions of The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and Return of the King. Go home, spin up the DVD player, and prepare not to move for 12 hours. That's how good these movies are. It doesn't matter if you don't like fantasy movies. I doesn't matter if you don't really understand english movies. It doesn't matter if you've been living in a cave for the past decade and haven't touched your TV in thirty years. These films transcend all of that. This is not an exaggeration.

Ride now and find them.

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