Hot Fuzz

Genre: Comedy
Hot Cops these are not
kickin' ass & takin' names
Friends 4evah, man.

If you've watched Shaun of the Dead, then you know that there's a certain kind of bizzare quirkiness to Edgar Wright films, especially with Simon and Nick on his team. Their movies aren't set in the real world. The real world isn't this stupid.

I mean in the real world, a good cop who did his job, kept the streets safe and had an arrest record 400% better than the rest of the London force wouldn't be transferred to a quiet town to rot because he was making the rest of the team look bad, would he? In the real world, it would be unlikely that said cop would find a rotund, daffily inept sidekick who was notheless loveable and eager to learn how to do things the right way. And in the real world the two heroes wouldn't have to deal with a totally clueless team and secret small town conspiracies, would they?

No in the real world, a loose cannon who was on the ragged edge would have been transferred to another department to work with an older, more experienced, cop who would trade poignant life lessons and funny one liners with his new, albeit reluctant, partner, and they'd get their hands in some kind of big time drug ring or mob plot and go on to bust some caps in the bad guys' asses, with big explosions, sexy ladies, and 360 degree hero shots galore.

That's the real world.

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