Originally posted on on Sep 17, '07

AUUUUUGGGGGGH!!!!!! (click HERE to see the reason I was screaming.)

Stooopid, stoopid author... he's dead! I knew it! I knew it would come to this! everytime another book came out and I got to page 850 and the hero was still courting some girl, and the shadowy forces were still amassing, and the armies of a thousand nations were still not where they were supposed to be... I had this sinking feeling and a little voice inside my head went, "wait a minute... there's only 100 more pages to this thing... he's not going to finish it this time either! I've read 1200 pages and I have to wait another two years for the next book! argh!". This has gone one for something like a decade and a half. Then he started those PREQUELS! argh! I've got all the books and every time I had this little episode, I had the sinking sensation that he would die before he would finish this damned story. I hate being right.

Now what am I going to wait in drooling anticipation for? Harry Potter? eeeeeeyyyyaaaaauuuughhh! *#^$&#(%^()!#&*#^*!$!%^*#%^*!#(!&)*(!!!!!!!w94572934719!!!!!

This blows.

Here's hoping he's as prolific in death as Tupac is.

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