28 Weeks Later

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I watched 28 Days Later when if first came out. I don't know why, but I didn't remember much of it. Maybe it was the English setting or the odd 3rd act, but it didn't really stick to my brain pan after I was through with it. I watched it again a few days ago, and while I must admit it was an exciting piece of work (Cillian Murphy is right up there in my favorite actor list), I still can't list it as one of my favorite films.

28 Weeks Later though is another story. This thing gets to you right from the get go. Anyone who's seen a zombie movie knows how slow they go right? How can you be scared of a creature who you can outrun by power walking? But the zombies of this franchise are infected with Rage, a disease that makes them act like sugar addicts on speed, with a few gallons of coffee and coke for good measure. Imagine running down a street at full tilt with a gang of Infected after you. They'll never stop, never slow down, never quit. And once you're dead, they'll move on to the next poor schlub, and you'll follow along with them... if they left enough of you.

That's what the movie feels like. There's a bit of exposition to get out of the way in the first act, but then after the intro sequence, you need a little breather anyway. Then once the outbreak begins, it's sit-back-in-your-seat-and-hold-your-breath time. They movie just keeps going and going and the body count goes up and up and doesn't stop. Gore fans will be satisfied. Suspense fans will love it. Your action fan Dad will like the military contingent and the big guns. Mom will love the drama that centers around the two kids and their Rage immune mom and their dad who is patient zero this time around. Basically it's fun for the whole family!

My only gripe is why is Rose Byrne always typecast as the bleeding heart girl whose always on the verge of tears, and why does she always die?

But then, that's not really the movie's fault.

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