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Slither is a movie made for geeks.

It's that simple. If you're a geek, you probably know what I'm talking about. You probably laughed out loud at the squid-head stickers on the map as Sheriff Bill Pardy talks about where the alien will hit next. You probably couldn't stop giggling when that one posse member is sliced right down the center and his eyes go cross-eyed. You more than likely couldn't stop humming that air supply song when you left the theater or shut off the DVD.

If you're not a geek, I'm sorry, but this film isn't for you. You probably won't get the jokes and you're more than likely staring questioningly at your geek friend who is probably gripping his stomach, on the verge of tears next to you, laughing his ass off as the alien slug monster professes undying love to the Starla.

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