Cyberverse Powerglide

Well here we go again. Another Transformers movie, another set of Transformer movie toys. More Bumblebees, Optimus Primes, Ironhides, and Ratchets than you can shake a Quintesson tentacle at.

When I first heard about the new movie, I set myself up for another massive spend since Transformers has always been my favorite line. But then I started seeing the prototypes and early production models and breathed a sigh of relief. That didn't last long though. Not long after the photos of the bigger figures leaked, we started seeing the smaller Scout Class Human Alliance figures (triple changers that converted from robot to vehicle - with figure - and then to weapon for your bigger Transformers) and the Cyberverse.

The Cyberverse sub-line has two different classes in it. There's the basic "Legion Class" figures which are essentially repackaged, recolored Legends Class figures with a few new molds thrown in. Then there's the Action Sets which feature a Legion Class figure with a playset, just like the old school G1 Micromasters. Sweet!

What I like the best though are the new "Commander Class" toys. These stand about 3" high and have a complexity nearer to the old Scout Class toys. I was staring at these at the Dark of the Moon Toy Launch and wondering why it was the Ironhide looked SO much better than the Deluxe and Voyager Class figures.

I didn't pull the trigger and get one though, until I saw Powerglide.

I really don't like the new packaging, the colors just look so dead, and the "Transformer" logo feels so buried in all the other graphics. The whole thing just doesn't pop out at you. I've seen Powerglide a few times and my eyes literally just go right over the figure while scanning the shelves.

I also hate the fact that there's so much wasted space. Just look at that! You could easily fit two figures in there!

It is nice that you can slide the tray right out once you get the bottom open. Great for package displayers.

Out of the package, he's a mixed bag. While Ultra Class Powerglide was all G1 robot blockiness, this guy's all Bayformer techno-organics. The thin, long feet, the irregular shapes, the exposed circuitry, the missles as weapons...

I felt the buyer's regret rearing its ugly head.

After fooling with the figure though, you really start to see how much fun he really is. For one thing, the articulation is awesome. Seriously, this size really lets the designers go nuts when it comes to articulation. Ball joints and double hinges. Sweet.

He's also got an amazing transformation process.

It's not as close to the G1 transformation as some of the other Classics/Universe figures, but the end results hit that sweet spot between amazing homage and superior design. I'm not sure if it really does fit into the level 1 difficulty that is advertised on the box, though. There are many different steps and it's far more satisfying.

I also want to congratulate Hasbro for FINALLY including instructions that are actually of some use. This time they use shaded models that aren't as incomprehensible as their line drawings.

His accessories are perfect as well. What? Accessories? On a Transformer? Yup!

His weapon is basically his missiles from his alternate vehicle mode, folded so as to fit in his hand. It looks odd at first, but it grows on you fast. You can also split them and he can dual wield! I love that he's got guns.

The vehicle mode is beautiful.

The A-10 is probably the most bad-ass plane that ever existed, so it's pretty much a given that he's gonna be good. And unlike his big brother, he actually has ordnance under his wings instead of that measly chain gun.

And get this... LANDING GEAR!

That's right, 3" and Hasbro still worked in hidden landing struts. Geekgasm.

Seriously, this figure is just totally made of fun. It's a pricey fix at P550.00 ($12-13 US), but the superior posing potential, the fun and challenging (for the size) transformation, the accessories... It might be a little harder to find than the rest since he looks to be short packed right now, but with Playkit really focused on Transformers now, we're likely to see restocks later on.


  1. I saw this in the stores and it piqued my interest. I had a second look and decided not to pick it up because I really don't have the space or the money for Transformers. Nice review though. BTW, do you plan to copy over here your bloglist from Hippotamus on the Lam?

  2. @Novelty, thanks! I actually passed on this the first few times I saw it, too. In the end, curiosity killed me.

    Yup, I'm going to copy everything from my old Multiply site and Hippopotami on the Lam here, but it's going to take a while. I've got 60-70 pages of blogposts to move over and I don't think there's a way I can do it automatically.

  3. You can import it from the Dashboard... but I've never tried that so I'm not sure if it works.


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