Stikfas Master Assassin

Originally posted at on Mar 27, '09

This was the figure that brought me back to the Stikfas fold. How can you not love a killer in black and purple? It worked for Skywarp. It worked on Shadowblade Megatron. Worked on Nemesis Prime. Just as good for a featureless, stick figure!

Like most Stikfas, the Master Assassin comes with a sack full of goodies. Forget GI Joe, man, this guy's got more gear than he can carry. I mean, if he's a ninja, he's gotta carry this stuff with him right? where does he keep it all? Where do you hide a pair of sais when you've already got your ninjato, kunai, kama, shuriken, crossbows, fire wheels, katars, and trusty ashiko spikes?

And if you want to make a kusarigama or a pair of nunchaku, just tie a string to your kama or the little clubs and presto! Master Assassin can whack himself in the balls just like an 80's teenager! Sold!

At about P500.00 he's not great for everyone, but if you like your ninjas loaded for bear, go and get one.

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