Marvel Legends Silver Surfer (Hasbro Ronan Series)

Originally posted at on Mar 10, '09

In the world of toy collecting, you win some and you lose some. And sometimes fate decides to use you as a punchline.

When I first found Silver Surfer on the Toy Kingdom shelves, I was overjoyed. I had found the two hardest figures to secure from the so-so Hasbro Marvel Legends Ronan Build-a-Figure wave! At Suggested Retail Price! Hoarders be damned! Now I could lay back and wait for the rest of the figures (which are more so... than SO!) to go on sale.

I am fate's bitch.

Apparently, the figures weren't ever gonna go on sale. By the time I caught on to this fact, collectors were snapping up the other figures left and right. Namor, poof. Invisible Woman, poof. Thing, poof. So here I am with my lone Silver Surfer and Doctor Doom, but no Ronan. I picked up Mr. Fantastic and Moleman in time, but there's no hope for the last three. I still can't brign myself to pay P800.00 for that Super-Saiyan Johnny Storm though.

Still, getting my hands on Silver Surfer was great. I had been wanting to get a Marvel Legends Series 5 Surfer (the one with the magnetic feet), but was always bothered by his alien looks. Then Hasbro came out with this one.

The figure is the best one Hasbro has released since they got the Marvel license in 2006. Despite being a little short (in 6" scale, he's probably about 5'9" or so), the figure sports the incredible joint system that made Marvel Legends the toy line to beat in it's Toy Biz heyday, but with an entirely new sculpt. It's no wonder people were hoarding this figure left and right once it was realeased. The blank body, bald head, and excellent articulation make for a hell of a custom figure base.

The only real problem (if you want to call it that) with him is the hands, since they're basically sculpted in a static pose that is obviously meant to be used for poses where he is surfing. But then again, he's not the Silver Salesman. Marvel didn't name him the Silver Shoemaker. I didn't pay money for the Silver Stoner. I wanted a Silver Surfer. That's exactly what Hasbro gave us.

If you have a Bulid-a-Figure Galactus from the Marvel Legends Series 9, he'll look great displayed next to him. If you were able to complete your Fantastic Four from Hasbro's Ronan wave he'll also go well with them. If you are rich beyond the dreams of the common man and can afford a Sideshow Galactus Legendary Scale Bust... well then you probably already have him. For the other people, grab him if you can find him. He is one of the real "must haves" from any of the Legends lines.

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