Rogue December 2008 Issue

Originally posted at on Dec 30, '08

Rogue has long surpassed its competitors in my eyes as the best men's magazine available right now. I don't know what's happened to FHM, but their photography has really gone downhill since they began (frankly it was never really that high up there to begin with). Uno on the other hand seems to fall more toward the lifestyle/fashion side of the equation with entirely too many boring, bland cosmo style articles.

Rogue strikes a nice balance. There isn't as much T&A as FHM, but the quality of the one main shoot more than makes up for that. The articles are well written (mostly free of the grammatical and spelling errors found in FHM) and the layout is more interesting than the minimalist approach of UNO.

I started collecting these when I saw the Amanda Griffin issue, yeah, the one with the honey. I pick them up whenever I can (I missed the July Anne Curtis issue - darn!). Since they usually don't sell out quickly (there are still Joey Mead issues from last year on shelf) and since its more pricey than competitors, I tend to leave them for later. I only got the Rufa Mae issue that came out about 4 months ago yesterday.

I'm glad I didn't do that this month, since it looks as if the Angel Locsin issue is already sold out at alot of stores! Mark Nicdao's been a favorite photographer of mine since I first saw some of his shoots. His shoots tend to actually have some real thought put into it, from design to theme to styling. His sets are actual series, a group of photos, rather than just a hodge podge that's thrown together with whatever the stylist brought with them on the day in some arbitrary location.

The stunning photos of the gorgeous Ms. Locsin in this issue are in an entirely different league than any of her appearances in other magazines. As a fan (re: stalker), I was severely disappointed with her shoots in FHM/UNO/Cosmo/et al. But this one... this one... It's a testament to the fact that you don't really need to show EVERYTHING to really titillate. As Sponge Bob and Patrick say: "IMAGINATION!"

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